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  1. Fix for some db errors [QUOTE=ttales70;72549]Hi, i take from this file (full db) the only sql code for solve withtout insert again all db. If can usefull for someone. I dont know if need other data to change, but with only this i no have more error min max level. Im sorry for my bad english , i hope its clear. [code] update creature_template set minlevel=25, maxlevel=27 where entry = 10760; update creature_template set minlevel=60, maxlevel=60 where entry = 14302; update creature_template set minlevel=72, maxlevel=72 where entry = 15936; update creature_template set minlevel=69, maxlevel=69 where entry = 19799; update creature_template set minlevel=71, maxlevel=71 where entry = 19821; update creature_template set minlevel=69, maxlevel=69 where entry = 21860; [/code][/QUOTE] Thank you for this..

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