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  1. I caught that after I posted it, went back and tried to fix it and got a different error message. I'm not on my laptop at the moment so I can't recreate the output and post it.
  2. Reinstalling Mangos after changing over my OS a couple of times. Having trouble with updating the database, specifically the Realm database. This is my feedback: [email protected]:/home/allen/database/Realm/Updates/Rel19# mysql -u root -p mangos < 20140607_Realm_Resync.sql Enter password: ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table 'mangos.realmd_db_version' doesn't exist No idea what it's talking about. This is my output when I try to run either realmd or mangosd: SQL: SELECT required_20150420_warden_db_log FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_20150420_warden_db_log' in 'field list' The table `realmd_db_version` in your [REALMD] database indicates that this database is out of date! [A] You have: --> `20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden.sql` You need: --> `20150420_warden_db_log.sql` You must apply all updates after [A] to to use mangos with this database. These updates are included in the sql/updates folder. Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating. And this is my output when I try and rectify the situation: [email protected]:/home/allen/database/Realm/Updates/Rel21# mysql -u root -p mangos < 20150412_01_warden_db_log.sql Enter password: Status Required Version Found Version * UPDATE SKIPPED * required_20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden NULL [email protected]:/home/allen/database/Realm/Updates/Rel21# mysql -u root -p mangos < 20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden.sql Enter password: Status Required Version Found Version * UPDATE SKIPPED * required_20140607_Realm_Resync NULL I'm not the greatest with mysql, and I know some of the guys on here have helped me get it running well before. Just wondering if I could get a hand. Thanks.
  3. I was just wondering if it was possible to back up the sql databases for character, mangos, and realm in the event a computer fails and how to do it.
  4. Okay. I just read on a wiki page that it had to be something like Windows Server for the Windows binaries. I just got it running on my Debian system and my wife was interested in putting it on her Win 8.1 system.
  5. Is a Windows Server OS an absolute necessity, or can mangos zero be run on top of 8.1?

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