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  1. Training Dummys Been trying to add these my self to BC server but extremely unsuccessful any way your could help a man out!
  2. Tauren are 3x normal scale Tauren Models for Players only are 3x normal scale hard for people to fit through doorways! lol
  3. Messages Not showing Messages Between Players will show up but not the person sending it its vary odd and makes my members feel as if they are not sending the chat
  4. Zeplins and Ships Problem with Zeplins and Ships when entering loading screen you will be in it till wow errors out and you will not be able to connect to that character untill you are moved by a GM in game but not reciving errors on server for it?
  5. i had to edit the cmake cache, cmake & easybuild did not auto detect my installs. im trying to build a 32Bit mangos server based on the dev from the github build. i was able to install openssl 32Bit and change the path files in the cache file. //Path to a library. LIB_EAY_DEBUG:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/libeay32MD.lib //Path to a library. LIB_EAY_RELEASE:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/libeay32MD.lib //Path to a library. SSL_EAY_DEBUG:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/ssleay32MD.lib //Path to a library. SSL_EAY_RELEASE:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win32/lib/VC/ssleay32MD.lib now i
  6. was able to get it working by looking at the CMake cache file and editing it. //Path to a library. LIB_EAY_DEBUG:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win64/lib/VC/libeay32MD.lib //Path to a library. LIB_EAY_RELEASE:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win64/lib/VC/libeay32MD.lib //Path to a library. SSL_EAY_DEBUG:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win64/lib/VC/ssleay32MD.lib //Path to a library. SSL_EAY_RELEASE:FILEPATH=C:/OpenSSL-Win64/lib/VC/ssleay32MD.lib i have been following this(was the prob i was getting just after fixing the filepaths for openssl) https://www.getmangos.eu/archived-help/9248-zero-mysql-related-unresolved-ext
  7. when ever i try to use the dev build, i get this error when i attempt to compile it. also got the dev from: git clone https://github.com/mangosone/server -b develop21 --recursive This script builds the MaNGOS server. Options that can be used in order to configure the process: General: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Path where the server should be installed to CONF_DIR Path to the configs, can be absolute or relative. DEBUG Debug mode (strict compile, all warnings) ACE_USE_EXTERNAL Use external ACE BUILD_TOOLS Build the map/vmap
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