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  1. Can Someone give me there working ad.exe and tools for vmaps, mmaps thx Because I have tried everything and no luck mangosthree ad.exe and the other tools are not completing or the ad.exe is crashing
  2. The ad.exe file does not work it crashes on mangosthree and if someone could fix this that would be great I tried it on all windows and all different ways and the same thing happens over and over. Can someone send me over to pm or where of one that does work thanks.
  3. Well I tired doing 3.3.5 and using the ad.exe and it works just fine but the one madmax I downloaded and from the new sever even does not work it crashes trying to do maps but does dbc files. On 3.3.5 it only does the dir buildings it does not finish vmaps is empty. a lot of crap going on
  4. Hey Thanks Corsol I am downloading it now cool glad you posted a link to be really easy, yep that worked and did the trick thanks man now my ad.exe is crashing from the build that madmax made for server mangos three. Need to find a place to download them at fast since the ad.exe does not work.
  5. Now it is saying Cannot stream required archive data. Please check the network connection I'm screwed I give up
  6. Well I don't know how you guys got it working because I followed everything to the mark and it still goes and checks for new updates and trying to load the blizzard launcher I am running 4.3.4 client and the right build but did not see realmlist.wtf so had to add it but things are still trying to update. God I will pay someone to help me lol. I am rerunning the file WoW Regeneration.exe
  7. Hey I have to agree if there is one problem that must be fixed and because it is annoying this bug would take the cake lol.
  8. I agree it will be a LOT better when the bots come back on time and not delay to pick up loot then return to main path holder. Not to say when the delay happens and ur fighting more than 1 npc creature at once it takes them a little time to notice what is going on lol.
  9. Yes this is a major problem and mangos is for sure not blizzlike when it comes to this but I don't think I would count on this ever because mangos will most likely never see this kind of update, that and a lack of knowledge doesn't help

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