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  1. I wan to extract the 4.4.3 files. Extraction from dbc's en maps whitout a issue. when the notification displays starting extract vmaps, nothing happens. I have no errors in the log, extraction just won't start running after it says it does. Anyone a idea about this matter? Regards,
  2. Got also a extraction problem with the extractor shell at mangosthree dev21. no errors in the log, he just won't start running after it says it does.
  3. Hey, I did. Just that one error: Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql.(ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 5: Can't DROP 'ScriptName'; check that column/key exists). I don't how this works. Is it so if one fails, the others will fail also? Them the problem lies in Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql. I have tried direct import in sql, phpmyadmin and HeidiSQL to import. I did checked out if the column exists, what didn't. So i did remove those lines. With that in the process, i did apply the rest of the sql updates followed in order. World server is now running. Thanks for the pointers in the right direction mate, Cheers
  4. Goodmorning necrovoice, I tried a fresh install with a fresh world db. I checked the file on github, (https://github.com/mangostwo/database/blob/Develop21/World/Updates/Rel21/21000_10_db_version.sql) i see also the incorrect version. Iam i looking in the wrong branch? I don't get it.
  5. Hey guys, i have a problem with updating worldDB to the right version. The only update that i can not apply is Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql.(ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 5: Can't DROP 'ScriptName'; check that column/key exists). Who can help me out here? thx in advance The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected structure! [A] You have database Version: 21 Structure: 1 Content: 0 Description: revision_refactor [B] You need database Version: 21 Structure: 2 Content: 6 Description: dbdocs updates You must apply all updates after [A] to [B] to use MaNGOS with this database. These updates are included in the database/World/Updates folder.
  6. Thank you Talondale, I will try that. Do you think there will be a difference if i use HeidiSQL for importing the updates instead of using myphpadmin?
  7. Hi Guys, I have downloaded MangosTwo_Develop21_Release_x32_August2015. Now i'am having some troubles with updating the DB. Error by starting the realm: SQL: SELECT version, structure, content, description FROM db_version ORDER BY ve rsion DESC, structure DESC, content DESC LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Champ 'structure' inconnu dans field list The table `db_version` in your [World] database is missing or corrupt. [A] You have database Version: MaNGOS can not verify your database version or its existence! [b] You need database Version: 21 Structure: 1 Content: 0 Description: revision_refactor Please verify your database location or your database integrity. I don't know french and honesty don't know why that is, but i think it has something to do with 'unknown' Error Realm DB SQL Fout (1054): Champ 'required_20150420_warden_db_log' inconnu dans realmd_db_version Error character DB [sql Fout (1146): La table 'character2.character_db_version' n'existe pas[/code] I have cloned the rev21 database from github, but also with the new downloaded file's the same eror. There must be something what i'am missing, but i don't see it anymore. thanks in advance
  8. blueboy i'am sorry, I'm an ass. I spended yesterday to much time on this error, that i have seen things that aren't there. I realy thought i have seen playerbot. But now I read it again, I do not understand what I was thingking. I think it's because I wanted to compile ahbot, playerbot and Armory and at the same time. Thought it would be possible. Anyway, thx for looking into it anyway Your question is a little premature as playerbot does not yet have anything to do with battegrounds. However I took a look at BattleGround.cpp and I couldn't find a reference to 'GetGUID' in the function EndBattleGround(Team). I guess you are using other mods on your server that maybe changing the core code. Off the top of my head you might try changing the reference to the player, using GetObjectGuid() instead of GetGUID. It may work Hope this helps
  9. hey guys, i've got a error while compiling. someone got an idea how to solve this? [ 7%] Built target g3dlite [ 7%] Built target gsoap [ 72%] Built target mangosscript [ 72%] Built target framework [ 76%] Built target shared [ 76%] Built target realmd [ 76%] Building CXX object src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/BattleGround.cpp.o /home/marlon/mangos/src/game/BattleGround.cpp: In member function âvirtual void BattleGround::EndBattleGround(Team)â: /home/marlon/mangos/src/game/BattleGround.cpp:757:126: error: âclass Playerâ has no member named âGetGUIDâ make[2]: *** [src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/BattleGround.cpp.o] Fout 1 make[1]: *** [src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/all] Fout 2 make: *** [all] Fout 2
  10. Hey guys, There seems to be a mod with a headquaters for the Horde & Alliance in Azshara Crater. Does someone know how it be called, and where i can find it) thanks in advance
  11. Hey Guys, i need some help here. I'am trying for a long time to get this to work. Most of the time version conflicts. Maybe i do something wrong in the merge progres.. Is there some where on this forum a a to z guide or something like that can help me. thx
  12. Hey Blueboy, have checked it out. And it is the same that you have. I think it's a prrblem in the cartesian coordinate system. Do you think the problem is in UDB or is it something else?
  13. Yes thx, Later on in the game it make sence to me. I was a bit confused because it listed every toon i have. Maybe it is a idea to add them in a sub-menu? Anyway great work. I still have some problems doh, Sometimes the bots disapear. There are not away, but it's like there under the floor. Same thing whit instance npc's. It's like they standing on quicksand. they disapear when i approach, and will return when i keep my distance. But i don't think it's anything to do with the playerbot. Maybe a UDB thing. Maybe you have a idea?
  14. Hey guys, blueboy. Finaly i got the bot working, but now i have another problem... Every flighmaster, trainer or merchant wants me to add a bot. Anyone have seen this before? how do i loose it? thx

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