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  1. Yey thanks, that seems to have done the trick.
  2. I have set both of those to my local ip address, as im just trying to get this to work on my LAN atm.
  3. Ok, just tried another thing. I made a virtualbox. Win7 and setup the whole thing again with everything clean. Same issue, to server select, but any not further.
  4. Hi I recently installed mangos on my server (MangosZero_Develop21_Release_x32_August2015) Problem is when i log on my vanilla client i get to server select, see the server, try to log on, but it jumps right back to server select. My server is on the same LAN as my client, the firewall is disabled (will open for the ports later) realmd.conf has the server local ip ( same with mangosd.conf and realm/realmlist (both address and localaddress) So. I don't see how the server should be having any of the loopback isues that you get from using 127.0.0.x/localhost. Also, im not able t
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