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  1. Quest [Eye of the Emberseer] not available I did the quest [Stormers and Rumblers] but [Duke Hydraxis] doesn't give me the follow-up quest [Eye of the Emberseer]
  2. Lothos Riftwaker giving two teleportation options instead of one I've attuned myself to Molten Core and now when I talk to [Lothos Riftwaker] he gives me two options: - Teleport me to the Molten Core, Lothos - Transport me to the Molten Core, Lothos Instead, he should give only one option, probably the first one
  3. Object Text - [Mangos Zero] - Greater Wind Stone - missing text If I access a Greater Wind Stone without equipping [Twilight Cultist Cowl][Twilight Cultist Mantle][Twilight Cultist Robe], then I get a thunder and the correct text: "What bug comes before the lords of the Council? A bug, no doubt, wishing to be squashed!" If I access a Greater Wind Stone equipping [Twilight Cultist Cowl][Twilight Cultist Mantle][Twilight Cultist Robe], I also get the correct text: "A thunderous voice bellows from the stone... What is this? I sense a little cultist scurrying about! Run along, vermin, or face the
  4. Commander Mar'alith doesn't yell I just completed this quest "The Fall of Ossirian" right now and Commander Mar'alith didn't yell. He should yell something like this: Commander Mar'alith yells: Soldiers of Kalimdor! Heroes of Silithus! One among you has dealt a vicious blow to our mortal enemies! Godmode and his allies have relieved the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj of its merciless leader! Ossirian the Unscarred, scourge of Silithus, has finally been destroyed and his armies wholly dismantled! [url]http://www.wowhead.com/quest=8791/the-fall-of-ossirian[/url] I am using Mangos Zero version 0.20
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