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  1. (this has must taken some ages... i mean, to developp and fix all those quests and make em live.) Merci Antz ! (i will try to get down.... to mangos Two....) just kiddin.. ;p "i wanted to try WRATH off MOON AND SUN as almost all evil droods, of the alliance, just to BE THE BEST !!!" edit: it's not finish between those fkin kids and us*.........\/\-(^.^)-\/\/
  2. tried your solution 1)- : the quest is bugued (i do rejuvenation on the npc and it does not count in quest log as 1/1 ...) then applied updates 2)- : the mangos.exe won't start i (still) got this : -> 18:44:56 Restoring N:\wow_server\mangosthree\database\World\Updates\Rel21\Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates\Rel21_02_03_start_up_error_fixes.sql Running: mysql.exe --defaults-file="c:\tmp\tmpfj0sga.cnf" --protocol=tcp --host=localhost --user=root --port=3306 --default-character-set=utf8 --comments --database=mangos3 < "N:\\wow_server\\mangosthree\\database\\World\\Updates\\Rel21\\Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates\\Rel21_02_03_start_up_error_fixes.sql" ERROR 1265 (01000) at line 264: Data truncated for column 'attr' at row 1 Operation failed with exitcode 1 , plz help ! (bugued quest ? can ignore it ?)
  3. hi antz & thx for support, do you know something (sqlyog or navicat) where and HOW you can load all .SQL dump in mangos database in one time ? (instead of everytime, loading each .sql dumps one-by-one please.) EDIT: I FOUND "MySQL WORKBENCH" (Free) THAT DOES IT PERFECT no more one-by-one clicks https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/file/?id=468295
  4. if you know how to change the "addon version for wow version" in the lua, it's what you need. 'edit: in one of the topiks posts...'
  5. hello ! while my mangotwo server runs almost fine i got a problem with mangosthree i dumped all the fullDB .sql............ (by the way, if u know how to apply all .sql "in one" click u'll help me greatly clicking one-by-one is long & fatidious ! ) so i launch game and, at begin 3rd elf quest druid, i must "use rejuvanation on wounded sentinel" and it stays at 0/1 in quest panel/log........ (is it a known issue, should i stay with mangos two ??) so i tested applying the updates this time... and got an error at "Rel21_02_03_start_up_error_fixes.sql" -> and all other .sql applying but this one... and so when i launch mangos it says that i'm at : .... but i can't apply updates, or fix the questn nor launch again the mangos.exe.. Can you help me please ?
  6. wow-wotlk-addons-by-DargonL0rd-3.3.5.rar
  7. thx antz for answer, so i gonna keep "two" waiting for "three-cata" to be finished. i will can update/import my chars from two to three ?
  8. hello, got 2 issues : 1- when i click on "ExtractResources.sh" it starts extraction, but "vmaps" & "mmaps" folders are empty.. and also i had to click ad.exe to extract manually "map" & "dbc". . 2- when i click on "make_full_db.bat" it open and close directly, so can't import databases... . it's the mangosthree x64 i downloaded in download tab here. i have also a mangostwo server & client 3.3.5a that works fine, but can't install mangosthree. anyone can help me please ?

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