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  1. This is my current Folder with everything in in. If I would download those files, where would I place them? I downloaded the Cata folder, but it already has a server folder included. I am still confused.
  2. Hey guys, so I am currently following this guide. (getMaNGOS WIKI) I am at the "Database" portion of the guide and it is instructing me to "Go to C:\Users[username]\mangos\sql and double click realmd.sql. Select your user and then click on realmd database so that it becomes selected (yellow). Then Execute the file (press F9 or the "play" button up center).". I am confused to what the exactly means. I can open the file in Visual Studio, but I am not sure what to do after. If someone could help me out I would really appreciate it. I have been stumped on compiling my server for a few days.

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