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  1. Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know. I figure that was probably an area of high interest that others have pursued quite a bit anyways, but when I finish some of the low level scans that I've been doing I'll have to go back to it. Thanks so much for the heads up!
  2. You can start the quest, but cannot do the tasks to complete it You attempt to free a prisoner to kill and prisoner does not turn hostile or run free. The continuation of the quest requires this to happen. The quest chain for death knights also requires this to happen.
  3. It does damage and takes the rogue out of combat, but it does not stun the opponent This creates a MAJOR disadvantage for rogues lol! (I'm not sure about the category nor am I sure whether or not this is a server issue)
  4. She exists in the database, but when I gps her coordinates she isn't found. She is nowhere to be found when you go look for as well. This is in the beginning area for Night Elves. This issue seemed fixable for me after a server restart.
  5. Final boss will not spawn You get all the way to the pint where the Disciple is trying tom awaken Naralex and the adds that you fight before the boss spawn, but if you hit them they regenerate as if resetting. Even if you wait for them, they disappear and the next adds do the same thing and the final boss never spawns.
  6. He is supposed tomspawn after you clear the whole camp along with a couple other adds He doesn't spawn I've tried multiple times quest works correctly other than that.
  7. Scout Riell is supposed to give a quest for Deadmines called Redsilk bandanas and she doesn't have it. The quest works just fine and the quest chain before it works just fine, but she doesn't have it at the correct time.
  8. Tallonkai's Jewel doesn't drop from Ferocitas the Dream eater Item should drop when he is killed. Tried to kill him several times. This quest is in Teldrassil. (not entirely sure what version I'm using, but I'm not changing it anytime soon so every time I post it will be the same one) I found through further testing that the necklace that the mob is supposed to drop that has the jewel, although wasn't dropping before (after several attempts) is currently dropping. I think this issue can be taken down.
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