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    [ALL] Health system overhaul

    Does anyone have time to investigate this? I believe the healthpoints for elites in Mangos One Dev21 are still way too low. Or if someone can confirm this problem doesnt exist for the Mangos Two build, I would upgrade the server to Two. Thanks,
  2. Hello, thanks for your reply, this issue has been picked up by H0zen via pm. I'm using the windows version of MangosOne. The problem was in the MySQL version which was 5.7. I now have build 21 up and running with 2 non critical warnings upon startup. I sent H0zen a pm about them, but I can also post them here:
  3. trx

    Hey there!

    First off, thank you all for this amazing project! Since I reached out for installation help on this forum I have been in contact with H0zen, who helped me setup the correct database, and finally managed to isolate the problem, which was a wrong MySQL version (5.7 is not currently supported). Many kudos to him for reaching out. The installation now works and I'm running a local MangosOne server to play on with my girlfriend. I used to play WoW solo, as an escape from the dramas of EVE online. When the subscription for WoW ended, I was still paying for 2 accounts in EVE, so things were getting expensive. I then decided to play with a good friend on a private server named 'The Spirit Kingdom' a low population TBC server, where almost everyone knew each other, and later on Allies and Horde could cooperate together. Now that my girlfriend is developing an interest for games, I decided to introduce her to WoW, so I downloaded a prepack for TBC and was really surprised to see it work right out of the box. I then used JoytoKey which is a tool to remap mouse and keyboard controls to a game controller. This works surprisingly well for WoW and we're having a good time adventuring with just the two of us on the server. Ofourse the prepack is old and buggy, so I wanted to run the latest stable core. And now I'm here!
  4. Hello, for a few days now I have been trying to get the database files imported, but there are always errors no matter what I try. I am using MySQL and SQLyog for the importing of the sql files. I've tried running InstallDatabases.bat from the command prompt. It will fill the databae up untill I get these messages: ERROR 1031 <HY000> at line 1510: Table storage engine for 'game_event_status' doesn't have this option. ERROR 1031 <HY000> at line 25: Table storage engine for 'realm_db_version' doesn't have this option. ERROR 1146 <42S02> at line 1: Table 'realmd.realmlist' doesn't exist. I also tried manually importing the Full DB files, the updates and setups, in any thinkable order, but I just keep getting these errors. I'm not new to setting up a webserver with sql etc but this is getting the better of me. I don't even know if I have the latest files, as I can't seem to find out how to check that. I've been downloading files using: git clone --recursive http://github.com/mangosone/server (etc) I found an old 2.4.3 repack that works and having fun playing on it, but I would really like to run the most updated one as this repack is probably years old. Help!

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