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  1. Anyone care to comment on the possibility of creating a new MMO client, artwork, world, etc. made to connect to a MaNGOS server?
  2. I figured out how to change lvl 40 mounts to Lvl 10 and make them /10 cheaper. update item_template set BuyPrice = (BuyPrice/10), ItemLevel=10, RequiredLevel=10 where spellcategory_1=330 and (RequiredLevel=40 and RequiredLevel=40); My question is: How do I now refresh or reload all the vendors now selling the original version of these items? I've also updated the mangosd.conf to make skill available at level 10 and more affordable. MountCost = 1000 TrainMountCost = 9000 MinTrainMountLevel = 10 Th
  3. With a little help, I have mangos zero Rel21 up and running great on a free Amazon EC2 micro (CentOS 7.x) Now, I found a few bugs and want to fix and share. If I can get some help getting through this once, I will continue to fix & share. Here are two bugs I found during the first 30 minutes testing: 1) In the first case, when a rogue uses gouge, the enemy character model (so far just humanoids: scarelets, zombies) sometimes appears to turn it's back, but it is in fact not turned around, and the rogue needs to run around to the other side to back stab. I want to stop the appearance of
  4. Getting a few errors, have I missed a step somewhere? Loading table `creature_linking_template` `creature_linking_template` has FLAG_FOLLOW, but no master, (entry: 11663, map: 409, master: 12018) `creature_linking_template` has FLAG_FOLLOW, but no master, (entry: 11664, map: 409, master: 12018) Loading Gossip scripts... Table `db_scripts [type = 2]` has buddyEntry = 170353 in command 43 for script id 569, but this creature_template does not exist, skipping. Table `db_scripts [type = 2]` has buddyEntry = 142488 in command 43 for script id 571, but this creature_template does not exist, ski
  5. It was realmlist.address needs to be the external IP, not Thanks for the quick reply!
  6. I just compiled Rel21, created all the maps, vmaps, mmaps, and loaded database. Everything runs ok, and TCP inbound ports 3724, 8085, 3443 are open. Logging in works, but never make it to character creation/selection. Any suggestions? Regards, W.
  7. Hi Everyone, After playing with repacks over the years, and reliving the vanilla experience on private servers, I've decided to learn more about MaNGOS, and start building my own server from scratch. While my roots are technical, I've been an executive for so long with my career that my past talents have faded. I have no aspirations of opening a server to the public, but enjoy the challenge of learning new things as a hobby, but I love team projects, and would like to work with others and possibly contribute to the great community here. Since my favorite time sink, Nostalrius has shut d
  8. SOLVED: If you are new like me (at the time of this post) Forget about ScriptDev2 & ACID. They are not needed as their purpose has been made obsolete with integrated components I'm still new to MaNGOS and have appreciated the patience of those helping me so far (thank you!). Now that I know how to compile and get a server running, I'm wondering about Acid, ScriptDev2, and CMaNGOS. I think I understand cmangos is just another group that parted ways with this community some time ago. Is there any advantage or need for Acid and SciptDev2 in MaNGOS Zero? If so, how does one integrate the
  9. I got some help in a PM on this from H0zen, and want to share what I learned. First of all, if you follow the tutorial, you will not get the latest, so instead do the following: create a SOURCES folder in your home folder mkdir SOURCES && cd SOURCES now git the source git clone --recursive -b develop21 https://github.com/mangoszero/server.git mangos0 cd mangos0 git clone --recursive -b develop21 https://github.com/mangoszero/database.git database create a _build folder mkdir _build && cd _build run cmake ** NOTE, make sure you chown /opt/mangos to the
  10. SOLVED: See reply below Anyone have a solution how to get past this? Following the wiki for CentOS 7 for MaNGOS Zero, getting an error on: cmake /opt/mangos/SOURCES/server -DTBB_USE_EXTERNAL=1 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release -DACE_USE_EXTERNAL=0 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/mangos -DINCLUDE_BINDINGS_DIR=scripts -DPCH=0 -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-O3 -march=native" -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS="-O3 -march=native" Linking CXX shared library libmangosscript.so CMakeFiles/mangosscript.dir/_build/CMakeFiles/2.8.11/CompilerIdCXX/CMakeCXXCompi lerId.cpp.o: In function `main': CMakeCXXCompilerId.cpp:(.text.st
  11. When following the Wiki CentOS 7 en guide, I'm running into an error when executing cmake command: mkdir _build && cd _build and here is the huge command of the day: ***I'm making an assumption here that the above should be, because the above when followed as posted leads to an error about missing CMakeLists.txt mkdir /opt/mangos/SOURCES/server/src/bindings/scripts/_build && cd /opt/mangos/SOURCES/server/src/bindings/scripts/_build When running the following, you get the error listed below. cmake .. -DTBB_USE_EXTERNAL=1 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release -DACE_USE_EXTE
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