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  1. Thanks for responding Olion I am a little confused, I had a look at the source for playerbot supplied with Mangoszero from GitHub (built a couple or so weeks ago) and it contained references to spells in BC and up, for instance in the mage strats Frost and Arcane there are icy veins and arcane blast which isn't vanilla. I had assumed that the zero version was modified from code supporting mangosone or higher, but I am a little foggy with how this arrived in the mzero core. I am (supposed) to be working on a final project for my degree (I am studying with OU and I am an old fart with famil
  2. Hi Playerbot AI - Is this not included with the GitHub mangosone dev 21 branch? If not how do I get bots working with a mangosone dev 21 server? Thanks for responding, or at least reading
  3. I'm running a rel21 mangos zero server (running remotely) and have a US client. The server was cloned from GitHub about 2 weeks ago. When I have two playerbots in a party running from my account using another char as the master, I have apparently random crashes on my client. I've looked for an error log from the client folder but cannot find one (if there is one please generated let me know where to find it!) I've read a few forum posts, mostly from bluebot and one that mentioned that a UK client was needed as others weren't currently supported (this was from 2012 - I would link but I cant
  4. OK solved it - found another command reference doc which showed correct usage: How to control bots * LordPsyan/LordPsyanBots Wiki * GitHub (This is a fork of ike3's playerbots, and some commands might not be compatible, but it does list usage info) So (using default prefix ~ for whisper commands, can be removed in conf): "~co +tank aoe" -> is the correct usage to add combat order tank aoe ("-" can be used to remove strats, and "~" can be used to toggle) eg. "~co -tank" to remove tank strat or "~co ~attack weak" to toggle (if exist remove, if noexist add) Hopefully this will help oth
  5. Hi, I've been trying to mess about with playerbots using a recently compiled (about 2 weeks ago) rel21 mzero (after the "Fix playerbot module building" update for playerbots). I am using the "PlayerBot AI Commands" sticky in the "MaNGOS Information/Frequently asked questions" forum for help. I am having difficulty getting the "co" commands to work with a lvl30 warrior char (warbot) I made for bot use. The bot has prot talents and all spells etc. I have tested the warbot in RFC and it stays in battlestance and only uses battlestance abilities. This is what I am doing: (bot is at same loc
  6. Sorry I wasn't exactly clear, my point was that the client had to match what the extractor wanted, and would fail if it didn't match. The client you have is correct for mangostwo (12340). Also do the obvious sanity-check of making sure the correct maps were put in the data dir. (I've accidentally copied a different version to the server structure before) - no offence but these things happen! What OS are you compiling on? People have reported problems extracting maps on Linux - see here for a possible solution if you are: https://www.getmangos.eu/general-help-amp-support/10708-extracting
  7. Hi Draekonyss - make sure your client is patched to latest version before extraction - I had same error on my One install as I had mistakenly only applied one patch which took the client to v8278 (2.4.2); the extractors need 8606 client version (2.4.3) - although thinking about it you can't run extractor on previous versions as it checks client before extracting...have you altered the version checking on the extractor source and recompiled? I did because I am a drunk idiot
  8. nice one thanks - can't change on the fly btw (still outputs default full/debug after "reload config"- didn't know about that command!) Cheers for heads up RE: L3 interface, much appreciated
  9. Hi - To any devs reading awesome job, currently tinkering with a zero and a one server, really appreciate all the work Problem: I am trying to figure out how to temporarily suppress console output from a zero server - is there a command to do this? Waffle: I've looked everywhere I can think and not been able to find it, but fully accept that it might be totally obvious to any competent human. This is a big problem for me as I have the memory of a very stupid goldfish, and if I am typing a command (one-fingered with tongue sticking out side of mouth) and the magic mangos game thing spurt
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