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  1. When i try to change realm in game, an empty box appear. mangosd.conf : GameType = 6 RealmZone = 10 DBC.Locale = 2 Realmlist table : (hidden public ip because... it's a public VM lol) MariaDB [realmd]> select * from realmlist; +----+-------------+----------------+--------------+-----------------+------+------+------------+----------+----------------------+------------+-----------------+ | id | name | address | localAddress | localSubnetMask | port | icon | realmflags | timezone | allowedSecurityLevel | population | realmbuilds | +----+-------------+----------------+--------------+-----------------+------+------+------------+----------+----------------------+------------+-----------------+ | 1 | MaNGOS Zero | ???.???.???.??? | | | 8085 | 6 | 0 | 10 | 0 | 0.02 | 5875 6005 6141 | +----+-------------+----------------+--------------+-----------------+------+------+------------+----------+----------------------+------------+-----------------+ 1 row in set (0.000 sec) MariaDB [realmd]>
  2. Thank you, 4) How to print the quest ID in game? For exemple, the quest "Hello world" I would like print "Hello world (ID)" on the title of the quest for player can report a bug with the ID...
  3. Hello ^^ I have some question: 1) How much bandwidth does it take a user when he played on the server? How much memory? 2) I can't create item, spells or itemset because they are no in .dbc files, Can I only use Mysql db and not .dbc? How can I modify .dbc files? 3) What is mmaps?!? ---- Sorry For my bad english, I'm french
  4. Hello ! I'm looking for a tutorial to add a command in mangos source like this : - X tape command: .nameannounce TEST - In game: [Announce by X]: TEST which file should I modify for this? Or if you have a tutorial for this? Thanks
  5. Can you give me GIT commands for this? EDIT: It work, thank you !
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to download the "11835" revision of MaNGOS via Github but when I download the source, I have the last revision How can I have the 11835 revision? In the past, there was a download button in the page of commit for download the revision, but now, it has disapeared !
  7. it works ! Thank you I used 'YTDB' with 'UDBFR' translation, and the problem had come from the translation for table 'mangos_string'.
  8. Hello Everyone. Before everything, Scuse me for my Bad english, I'm french :8 When I enter a GM command like ".gm" in game (an incomplete command), mangosd.exe crash but when i tape ".gm on" or ".gm off" (a full command), it work ! Why? PS : My Mangos revision is 11765 (official GUTHUB sources) + Scriptdev2 r2245
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