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  1. Hey, it seems to be a network issue between the Client and the VMWARE. I have checked the realmd and mangosd execution there are no errors. I have created a new User on the Server and was able to login on the client side. But still when i have to choose the Realm the system is not allowing me to access the realm. instead it is pushing me back to the realm list. I tried "NAT" and "Host only" with the same results. Using "Bridged" is not working at all so far. I think i have to search some Forums for a solution, but anyway thank you so far. Cheers Condragon
  2. Hey, thank you for the quick answer the user is working and i can see the realm but i am not able to access the realm. :o( is there a documentation for Mangos Zero available (PDF or HTML)? I was not able to find one, sorry. Cheers Condragon
  3. Hello, i have completely installed mangos zero on a new Debian VM ... done! I also updated the Realmlist.wtf in order to connect to the running server ... done! Now i just want to login with the WOWClient but i have not been able to figure out the username and password. Is there any Username / Password preinstalled which i can use to check whether all is working as expected? Or do i need to insert a User / Password and How can i do this? Cheers Condragon

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