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  1. thx i have solved the problem, i have changed the valor of holiday and length column and now it works fine!!
  2. no, if i don't start the event the npc for join the battle don't appear. every time i need to start the events , same story for the arena
  3. battleground like arathi basin or other battleground....in mangos one they need to be started by someone ...i need to write .event start #id event every time at the start up of the server for play a bg. What i need to do for automaticaly start those event?In the db i see the column for the start date but if i modify it nothing gonna change and the event didn't start
  4. I have succesfully installed mangos one emu but every time when i restart it i need to start manually the events like bg or arena, i have tryed to modify the date of the event in the db but nothing have changed... what i need to do for set the automatically start of those event? if i have forgot something tell me! thx!
  5. ok i have solved the problem with the mmap , now all work fine yhx for the help!
  6. Where i can find one of it? And what i need to do for insert it in my emu?
  7. I have downloaded and compiled Mangos One and i have used the last relasses of winter vail poject db. I have allowed the vmaps but when someone or a monster cast a spell like fear or Polymorph and i'm near a tree or a buildin i pass through it. The vmaps works fine because if i try to attack someone behind a tree i can't attack. Thanks to all who respond! P.S. if i have forgot some info tell me it!
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