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  1. no. you use UDB, and after you apply, FULL_DB, then the 382, you'll apply the sql updates from mangos/sql/updates and I have posted on this very thread about how to apply those updates. there are also many posts on UDB, because I have posted there, about applying UDB and updates. that there is db_version table for each database, and in that table there is a specific column you want to pay attention to, it is the far right column on that table.
  2. if you only loaded it from UDB then you're missing out on some DB fixes which are contained in the mangos/sql folder.
  3. u move them to somewhere where you'll be placing your dbc and map files you don't want those things in your bin folder because you have to recompile mangos everytime you update and that bin folder is the result of the compile. I have my mangos launch directory at c:\\mangos\\ my dbc and map files are at c:\\mangos\\dbc and c:\\mangos\\maps
  4. read the FAQ which is linked in my signature, FAQ 5.b or 5.c. Also google realmlist loop.
  5. perhaps look around the forums and you might find your answer. Pssst: It's called MangAdmin.
  6. also it appears to occur with void walker.
  7. no you're not altering any of them you're just confirming that your executable, include, and library files are where they are supposed to be. and usually they are. That step is just to make sure your developement environment is setup properly.
  8. how about possibly navigation bar on top, or left, and perhaps link to twitter page, or perhaps throw in RSS feed somewhere. Just a couple of ideas to throw out there for consideration:) How about a way to link current(latest) revision from github? Just have somewhere at top like "Latest Revision: xxxx " other than that, it looks good and functional:)
  9. perhaps refer it to that diablotail user who keeps spamming that his crappy repack realmd won't work. lol
  10. perhaps remove the link the op posted to repack site? I know from experience links to repack sites aren't welcomed here:)
  11. update your database:) or type this in query editor first confirm entry is in table use mangos; select * from creature_loot_template where entry=80000; and use mangos; select * from creature_template where entry=80000; next use mangos; delete from creature_loot_template where entry=80000; delete from creature_template where entry=80000; I have latest db and 80000 is not listed in creature_loot_template or creature_template. Apparently chickens are supposed to drop loot.
  12. kageb0shi

    C++ operator?

    ah I see. Instead of passing by value (which makes a copy if I understand it) it is actually passing the variable, so then the original variable is modified and not some copy. I see!
  13. good to hear:) I like oatmeal cookies You will need to open a command prompt and browse to where the mangosd.exe is located and run it there. or if you have logging enabled, browse to your log files and look in them.
  14. kageb0shi

    C++ operator?

    ah I see. Thank you so much for helping me understand that. just as, for example int a[5] = { 3, 4, 8, 9} int b = 2; int value = a; value would equal 8. I understand to a certain degree. Though I am certain a pointer is more complex than an array. I had not yet covered pointers in my C++ class. next semester i think I will see it.

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