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MaNGOS One 20.0

Released 03/01/2015

Key Changes

0.20 (2015-02-31) - Points of departure
Many Thanks to all the groups and individuals who contributed to this release.

  • Some of the dependant file groups have been made into submodules
  • i.e. all the dependant libraries (dep folder) and realmd
  • Add a configurable delay between when a creature respawns and when is can aggro due to movement [c2469]
  • Add ACTION_T_SET_STAND_STATE for EventAI [s2102]
  • Add check for session being NULL so that we don't crash from console commands
  • Add CMake source groups to target 'shared' [c2056]
  • Add core support for spell 29201. (cs2294)
  • Add missing trap id for SendGameObjectCustomAnim call [c2135]
  • Add new Regen Health / Power flags and rename database fields accordingly [c2128]
  • Added Character dbdocs support
  • Added clang support
  • Added dbdocs for character DB
  • Added Email address to pinfo command output
  • Added Linux helper script. Thanks The-Great-Sephiroth
  • Added missing bounds check in loop.
  • Added missing lines in Trainer Menu's to get deleted.
  • Added missing loot for benedicts chest
  • Added Realmd dbdocs support
  • Added script for quest 4021 Counterattack
  • Adjusted MapId, MapX and MapY variables to increase movemap extraction performance
  • Allow casting a random selected spell (cs2236)
  • Allow creating Non-Instance Maps without player (c2574) @kid10
  • Allow target 60 to use script target whenever required (c2551)
  • Applied missing OutdoorPVP Commit
  • Better value to check distance between owner and pet. [c2123] This problem was introduced in [c2094]
  • Big rename of creature_template fields. [c2091]
  • Blink improved. (cs2260) - Implement generating path
  • Clarify weather packet (c2649)
  • Cleanup world state sending [c2090]
  • Closed memory leaks and compiler warnings.
  • Code corrections to scripts (karazhan & stratholme)
  • Complete redesign of waypoint system.
  • Correct some BG chat message missing target name. Thank to @CamilleMoon for pointing. [s2095]
  • Cuergo's Gold quest
  • Demon messages cleaned up.
  • Enabled SOAP in Windows BuildEverything solutions
  • Extractor helper script paths fixed.
  • Fix "Unknown player" bug. (cs2293)
  • Fix .goname command (cs2247)
  • fix .npc factionid command after creature_template change
  • Fix BIH::intersectRay crash. Thanks TC
  • Fix bug that cause AreaAura reaply because the code doesn't search the correct rank of it. (c2570)
  • Fix cmake macros for FreeBSD systems.
  • Fix conflicting typedef error in ACE Prevent assert on platforms where we cannot change thread priority [c2107]
  • Fix creature flee dont loose target. Also Feared creature will loose correctly target then target will be restored. [c2108]
  • Fix Double to Float conversion warnings
  • Fix for missing Text in Pet Trainer Menu.
  • Fix freeze if opcode.txt file does not exist on .debug send opcode [s2082]
  • Fix issue with afk playerin duel logout request from client after 30 mins.
  • Fix LANG_ADDON use on Guild Channels and avoid a possible crash. [c2085]
  • Fix logic bug in SelectAuraRankForLevel (c2569)
  • Fix one warning and suppress a few when using cmake 3.0
  • Fix PostgreSQL bindings and add support to build directly with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. [s2112]
  • Fix problem with scaling vmap model. VMap and MMap DO NOT need to be rebuilt. (c2518)
  • Fix raid instance reset crash and add a server command to force reset. Also added a new server command to force reset by an admin. (z2538)
  • Fix reloading horde controlled capture point [c2468]
  • Fix showing skirmish or rated arena queue icon [c2084]
  • Fix skinning loot bug. Thanks to @TheTrueAnimal for pointing (c2219)
  • Fix some more reserved identifiers
  • Fix spell 9712 (c2142)
  • Fix TARGET_SELF-TARGET_SCRIPT target combination Also introduce more symmetric behaviour for TARGET_FOCUS_OR_SCRIPTED_GO (cs2248)
  • Fix Tauren druid size when shapeshifted. [c2480]
  • Fix use of SpellBonusWithCoeffs In case of taken damage/heal calculation the information of the caster must be used (cs2243)
  • Fixed architecture name.
  • Fixed Copy step location
  • Fixed Incorrect data structure used
  • Fixed Incorrect ID for Cleansed Whipper Root in script
  • Fixed up world/local channel chat to comply with tbc
  • Fixing Chest Loot Issue
  • Fixing Group Loot Issue
  • Fixing massive spawns in Fargodeep-Mine + Set latest SQL as required
  • Get rid of bounding radius in GetNearPoint[2D] and ObjectPosSelector [c2066]
  • Grouped Hunter pets gain full experience.
  • Home Bind Update Removed a useless function for Home Bind, where it was causing a player to return to a inn or start location, and not to their last known position before the logout.
  • Implement 2 chat channel responses [s2073]
  • Implement Battleground scores storage system (c2204)
  • Implement CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_ACTIVE (c2578)
  • Implement new stats system for Health and Mana. Core now suport health and mana from new stats system. [s2093]
  • Implement spell effect 42281 (c2141)
  • Implement support for Hunter Talent "Ferocious Inspiration"; adds infrastructure to support other, similar talent based effects in the future. (cs2242)
  • Improve "NPCs gets stuck in melee animation while casting". [c2110]
  • Improve handling of TargetMMGen [c2068]
  • Improve readability of the code and avoid visual studio warning c4996, I don't think this can cause problems with gcc [c2475]
  • Improve Startup efficency & Allow recursive CanSpawn checks
  • Initialize power type and power type values for creatures [s2130]
  • Loot Handler fix, last revision
  • Map extractor messages have been cleaned up.
  • Moved enum to correct position in list
  • New condition added (re condition table)
  • Ogre brew only in Blade's Edge
  • Partially implement movement related fixes found in noted commit
  • Polymorph fix
  • Pool-System: Allow pooling non-lootable gameobjects (cs2280)
  • Prevent creatures from pulling too many nearby monsters, for example during certain scripted events. [s2101]
  • Properly use utf8cpp and Mersennetwister.
  • Readd GO scale to GO BoundingRadius calculation that was removed accidently recently (cs2257)
  • Refactored aura code to make it more readable
  • Remove invisibility aura (aura 18) based on attribute (c2553) Passive and negative invisibility auras are not removed on entering combat
  • Remove unused argument in CalculateMeleeDamage [c2100]
  • Removed an unused/doubled Option in Shaman Trainer Menu.
  • Removed Creature_item functions added in error from Zero
  • Removed local realmd repo and added universal realmd submodule
  • Removed the tr1 namespace references in the CLANG section for the UNORDERED_MAP and UNORDERED_SET defines.
  • Rename fields after recent DB changes (c2597/cs2239)
  • Rename m_respawnAggroDelay to make it more generic [c2470]
  • Renamed table scripted_event_id to scripted_event. [m2434]
  • Reorganize code to allow rage rewarded for critter type. [s2104]
  • Restore chat whisper and GM chat. [s2088]
  • Restructure game folder
  • Script files are now merged with the main project
  • Simple fix for Stealth is removed on fall damage problem Surely could be done better way... [c2121]
  • Small Update to remove unresolved tickets when deleting a character to prevent them from hanging in there when they can't ever be resolved
  • SOAP bindings are now optional.
  • Some changes to Random chance calculation (c2567)
  • Some updates to the GM ticket system, secure one of the inputs coming from the user and mark client closed tickets as solved
  • Start dbscripts_on_spell for SPELL_EFFECT_TRIGGER_MISSILE with missing spell id. (cs2284)
  • Sync QuestLevel variable Type
  • The Unforgiven SD2 script added
  • Totally Cueergo Gold's Script updated
  • Totem are immune to their own spell workaround fix
  • Triage quest now doable but still nerve-racking
  • Tuken'kash gong (RFD) scripted
  • Update to ticket handling and hopefully a fix to logging
  • Updated dbdocs definitions
  • Updated HandleMoveTimeSkippedOpcode to use proper definition
  • Updated Scripts to revision 2795
  • Updated shutdown function to work the same as Zero
  • Use shiny new function to play music with the spell (c2208)

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