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MaNGOS Zero 18.0

Released 08/31/13

Key Changes

0.18.0 (2013-08-31)


Major changes for this build which require your attention when upgrading include awesome things such as these:

  • A build fix for FreeBSD has been added, thanks to @bels. mangos-zero should now successfully build again.
  • In-game channels Local defense and zone channels no longer have characters as owners.
  • Creature emotes have been fixed, and work again.
  • Weather updates for zones without any defined weather have been fixed. A zone without weather will no longer cause the client to play random sounds.
  • Spell linking based on conditions has been added. The table spell_linked now allows you to cast additional spells when a spell was cast based on a set of conditions.
  • The table scripted_event_id has been renamed to scripted_event.
  • dbscripts_... received a new command: SCRIPT_COMMAND_TURN_TO allows to turn creatures towards a target.
  • EventAI received a new action: ACTION_T_SUMMON_UNIQUE which allows to summon a unique creature, which means the summon target can only be summoned once.
  • The Scripting API has been streamlined to use more consistent function naming for all exported functions.

The following highlights the changes to the Scripting API:

  • isVendor renamed to IsVendor
  • isTrainer renamed to IsTrainer
  • isQuestGiver renamed to IsQuestGiver
  • isGossip renamed to IsGossip
  • isTaxi renamed to IsTaxi
  • isGuildMaster renamed to IsGuildMaster
  • isBattleMaster renamed to IsBattleMaster
  • isBanker renamed to IsBanker
  • isInnkeeper renamed to IsInnkeeper
  • isSpiritHealer renamed to IsSpiritHealer
  • isSpiritGuide renamed to IsSpiritGuide
  • isTabardDesigner renamed to IsTabardDesigner
  • isAuctioneer renamed to IsAuctioneer
  • isArmorer renamed to IsArmorer
  • isServiceProvider renamed to IsServiceProvider
  • isSpiritService renamed to IsSpiritService
  • isInCombat renamed to IsInCombat
  • isFeared renamed to IsFeared
  • isInRoots renamed to IsInRoots
  • isFrozen renamed to IsFrozen
  • isTargetableForAttack renamed to IsTargetableForAttack
  • isAlive renamed to IsAlive
  • isDead renamed to IsDead
  • getDeathState renamed to GetDeathState
  • isCharmedOwnedByPlayerOrPlayer renamed to IsCharmedOwnedByPlayerOrPlayer
  • isCharmed renamed to IsCharmed
  • isVisibleForOrDetect renamed to IsVisibleForOrDetect
  • canDetectInvisibilityOf renamed to CanDetectInvisibilityOf
  • isVisibleForInState renamed to IsVisibleForInState
  • isInvisibleForAlive renamed to IsInvisibleForAlive
  • getThreatManager renamed to GetThreatManager
  • addHatedBy renamed to AddHatedBy
  • removeHatedBy renamed to RemoveHatedBy
  • getHostileRefManager renamed to GetHostileRefManager
  • setTransForm renamed to SetTransform
  • getTransForm renamed to GetTransform
  • isHover renamed to IsHover
  • addFollower renamed to AddFollower
  • removeFollower renamed to RemoveFollower
  • propagateSpeedChange renamed to PropagateSpeedChange

Also numerous minor fixes and improvements have been added, such as:

  • We have continued our research on client data, and resolved another batch of unknown variables and flags with their proper values including spell families and item classes.
  • A few compile time warnings have been resolved, as well as a number of possible security issues, thanks to @Coverity scanning service for OS projects!
  • Spells rewarding spells, and/or casting spells on reward will now cast the proper spell. Also quest givers will be able to cast spells ignoring Mana requirements when they are out of combat on reward.
  • Documentation for many parts of the source code has been extended.
  • An issue in the realm list server has been fixed, where it would loose the connection to MySQL.
  • When casting Soothe Animal, the level of the targeted creature will be checked.
  • The map extractor build for Linux was fixed, and builds properly again.
  • A fix for applying speed for fleeing creatures was added.

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