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  • Gemstones in Lower Blackrock Spire are not dropping

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Item
      Version: 2.0.10 Milestone: 20 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Gemstones in Lower Blackrock Spire are not dropping

    The Gemstones for the 'Seal Of Ascension' (Attunement for UBRS) are not dropping in LBRS.


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    Since this is AoWoW and AoWoW is an old.wowhead.com clone, this should be right, isn't it?
    But it has only to drop for ONE player which got the quest. If multiple players got the quest, they have to kill the bosses multiple times.

    Edit: Forget what I said! :D The source is wrong.
    The droprate got changed to 100% in Patch 2.2 ([url]http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_2.2.0[/url])
    So it should be correct at the moment.

    Since 1 player on my server already got the key, this issue could be closed.

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    Nice resource, cabfever, the link :D

    I reckon the drop rates are wrong in the database.

    That link you posted says 100%, and claims to be vanilla, so unless I can find otherwise, I will put forward and PR the fix, which will include:

    [B]Gemstone of Smolderthorn[/B]
    UPDATE `creature_loot_template` SET `ChanceOrQuestChance`='100' WHERE `entry`='9237' and`item`='12335';

    [B]Gemstone of Spirestone[/B]
    UPDATE `creature_loot_template` SET `ChanceOrQuestChance`='100' WHERE `entry`='9196' and`item`='12336';

    [B]Gemstone of Bloodaxe[/B]
    UPDATE `creature_loot_template` SET `ChanceOrQuestChance`='100' WHERE `entry`='9568' and`item`='12337';

    [B][SIZE=4][COLOR="#B22222"]FORGET THAT[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

    I did not read the drop rate change link!

    Weird, do these elites respawn, or does the instance have to be redone?

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    [quote=cabfever]The instance needs to be redone.[/quote]

    Amazing, easy to forget just how nasty vanilla was! Although I did enjoy that insanity :)

    I guess we can consider this issue resolved.

    Are you happy with the drop rates for the gems: 13%, 17%, and 26% at present in the database ?
    No idea how they came up with those drop rates.

    I have been unable to locate the true drop rates :(

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    Seems legit[/quote]

    Excellent, thanks, cabfever :D

    And I now have a couple of links to good resources to add to my bookmarks, thanks :)

    [SIZE=3][COLOR="#800080"][B]This Thread Can Be Closed [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]:D

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