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  • Quest 3741 appears to be bugged...

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    Quest 3741 appears to be bugged...

    By The-Great-Sephiroth:

    The quest "Hilary's Necklace" appears to be bugged in two ways. First, if a Horde character sneaks up to the child, they can accept the quest. This is normal. However, the text for Horde characters is the text you are supposed to get after finishing the quest. It is correct for Alliance characters.

    Second, the mud pile with the necklace does not appear to spawn. I have spent hours checking every square inch and comparing locations with online resources and the mud pile with the necklace does not appear. This makes it impossible to complete for both Horde and Alliance characters.

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    Necklace found in:

    [B]Glinting mud[/B]:
    Entry: 154357
    GUIDs: 31121, 20836, 110001, 110002


    Coordinates may put the mud out of the game world. I'll check just as soon as I can.

    [B]EDIT[/B]: The Glinting mud piles spawn perfectly fine. Tested all locations. Has this been fixed already... a mystery for Mr. Holmes, me thinks!

    Quest entry looks okay. Will now test as a Horde toon...

    All okay as a Horde char. Test appeared as it should at each stage.

    This has been fixed already :)

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