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  • Complete Class Bug Report

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      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Spell
      Version: 0.20 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Complete Class Bug Report


    -feral swiftness increases movement in all forms outdoors. should only increase in catform.

    -Swiftmend should heal for x4 Rejuvenation ticks and x6 regrowth ticks.

    -clearcasting should not be consumed by prowl or faerie fire (feral).

    -Rake should not be affected by opponents armor.

    -Nature's Swiftness should be consumed on cast and not on impact.

    -Nature's Grace should reduce cast time on cyclone (it currently doesnt).

    -HoTs should not tick while cycloned.

    -Faerie Fire visual talent bugg when relogging (looks like it's not specced).

    -Enrage should reduce armor while active (it doesnt).

    -Force of Nature, the treant's damage should be based on the druids spelldamage.

    -Force of Nature, when fighting another druid the treant's should be hostile and not friendly.

    -Tree of life aura should not be removable by right clicking it.

    -Leader of the pack should not be removable by right clicking it.

    -When going into catform it should activate track humanoid auto if no resource tracking is on.

    -Bear Form / Travel Form and Cat Form scale for both tauren / night elfs.


    -Steady Shot does not take advantage of the extra attack power granted by hunters mark (damage stays the same).

    -Missdirection does not disapear after the 3 attacks are used, however the desired effect works it's a visual bug.

    -Traps should not be visible to hostile targets.

    -You should always be able to see your own traps, group members aswell.

    -Rogues detect trap should be fixed after trap visibility.

    -Flare spell does not match the effect. The spell goes instantly on the ground and does not follow the visual flare. (A 3 second delay should be added).

    -Snake trap, snakes have too much HP and does not cast any poisons on target. (should have 101 HP atm they have 3k).

    -Snake trap, snakes should not be friendly to a hostile target of the same faction.

    -Snake trap, snakes should cast poisons on targets standing close to the target that triggered the trap (pets, minions etc).

    -When pet is killed you can revive the pet by walking away until the pet corpse despawns then "Call Pet". This must be fixed.

    -Viper Sting should break CC effects (goes for all drain mana spells generally).

    -Surefooted should not resist an entire spell (f.e Frostbolt) only the movement impairing effect.

    -Feign Death should not make the player avoid AoE spells.

    -Frost Trap should be able to trigger "Entrapment".

    -Traps should not trigger on totems, critters, followers or unattackable creatures.

    -Wyvern Sting should be applied as a debuff and be non-removable. As of now it gets applied as a buff and is right-clickable.

    -Snake Trap should be able to procc entrapment.

    -Traps should have a bigger trigger radius.

    -Trap should have delay if target is in combat.

    [b]PETS / MINIONS[/b]

    See hunter.txt and warlock.txt

    -Pet should prefer attacking from behind.

    -When changing stance Aggressive/Defencive/Passive pet should go back to owner.

    -If pets target gets CC'd (polymorphed / feared etc) pet should go back to owner.

    -Pet should not stop chasing target after leaving combat.

    -Pet should not continue attacking rogue after vanish.

    -Should be able to send pet on targets out of sight.

    -Cobra Reflexes should reduce pets damage.


    -Holy Shield should cause 35% increased threat (as tooltip reads).

    -Seal of the Crusader should decrease melee damage.

    -Retribution Aura should obey to damage absorbing sheilds / immunity shields and not do damage trough them.

    -Avengers Shield should not hit a CC'd target


    -Black out and Shadow Vurnability should not procc on caster when using Shadow Word: Death.

    -Blackout does not procc on mind flay and when it gets fixed it should procc on ticks and not end.

    -Mind Control timer does not display correctly in PVP.

    -Mind Control timer seems abit short, should be 12 seconds than on second MC 6 seconds and on third target is immune.

    -Fade doesnt work.

    -Spirit of Redemption, when entering the form all spells currently being casted should be interrupted, mana and hp should be reset.
    Caster should not be attackable / castable at all (including self-heals).

    -Mind Vision should work at unlimited range as long as you are in party and on the same map/continent. Mind Vision should not obey to LoS.
    Mind vision should stay on target even if target goes into stealth. You should be able to switch target from the current in-eye to the next.
    Mind vision should break on spells such as Vanish, Divine Shield, Ice Block and Cloak of Shadows. (FIXED)

    -Offensive Dispelling should put you in combat.

    -Dispell Magic should abide to immunity such as Divine Shield. Same goes for Mass Dispell

    -Dispell Magic Should be resistable.

    -Prayer of Mending should target the party memeber with lowest health within range that is not already under another priests PoM.
    PoM should give aggro to the target where the proc came from and not the priest who first casted it.

    -Reflective Shield should not break CC.

    -Shadow Fiend should spawn on the target and automatically attack it.

    -Shadow Fiend should have a shadowy effect over it (possibly another display ID? 19638 looks like retail shadowfiend but might need scaling)

    -Shadow Fiend's damage should scale with casters shadow spell damage.

    -Shadow Fiend's hp should scale with casters spell damage.


    -Shiv does not award combo point if posion isnt on the rogues off-hand. It should.

    -Mutilate visual bug where both main / off-hand damage doesnt show up needs fix.

    -Cold blood works fine except with Mutilate where it only gives critical damage to one of the 2 attacks. (main / off-hand).

    -Shadowstep damage buff doesnt get removed after an ability is used as it should. (really overpowered).

    -Quick Recovery doesnt reduce energy cost on missed finnishing move as it should. (however the heal function works).

    -Sword specialization extra attack is not instant and instead gets executed on the attack after the proc. (This goes for all extra attack melee spells).

    -Setup does not work at all. Should give combopoints when dodge / resist opponents attacks.

    -Puncturing Wounds talent needs to be looked at. Should award 10/20/30% backstab crit and 5/10/15 mutilate crit.

    -Improved Poisons needs to be looked at. Should award 2/4/6/8/10% poison proc chance to all poisons.


    -Horde totems give draenei display model.

    -Windfury extra attack (as mentioned in other bug reports) is not instant and instead gets executed on the attack after procc.


    -Hellfire should not be resistable by the caster.

    -Pyroclasm does not work at all.

    -Improved Shadow Bolt only give's 3 damage stacks instead of 4.

    -Ritual of Souls does not work.

    -Ritual of Doom does not sacrifice one of the 4 summoners. The Doomguard despawns after 5-10 sec.

    -Deathcoil should not break on damage.

    -Fear pathing and visuals need improvment.

    -Soul Link works but should be visually applied to the minion.

    -Shadow Embrace should get removed when there are no DoT's left on the target. As of now it stays permanently on the target.

    [b]WARRIOR[/b] (coming soon)

    [b]There might be spells that have been fixed here[/b] since this report is a couple of months old.

    I will add more as I progress in testing the classes.

    I apologize for spelling mistakes, I wrote these bug reports mainly so I could understand them myself hence why I havent spell-checked them! :D

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    Thanks for reporting this huge list of bugs. I wanted to report the wrong Totems (Horde) but then I've seen your list. Again a big thank you! :)

    Btw. is the Totem problem a DB or Core issue? I've seen some threads (googled for them) and people fixed it in placing the horde modelID in modellid3. I'll also try this now and report later.

    Lol ^^ I looked into the creature_template, searched for totem and they have the right ID's in modellid3 set. :D

    /edit 2
    Found problem. The're missing entry's in creature_model_race ... ;)

    /edit 3 (wow so much edits today ^^)
    I fixed the wrong display's for the totems (horde) in my last pull request. Now I know how to insert the right display's...Please take a look at rel19 pull requests if you wanna fix it and/or correct me when something is missing or wrong.

    /edit 4 ... this is getting crazy ^^"

    Addition for Pet-Bugs:
    - Pet's are a bit to small, correct me when I'm wrong but I can't remember that pets in tbc are so small... o.O

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