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  • Fishing is broken...

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      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 20 Priority: High
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Fishing is broken...

    Alright, fishing appears to be broken. Each zone in vanilla had a set skill range for the water areas in them. I believe the ocean was handled differently though. For example, you start fishing in your starting area, which would get you so far. Then you went to the next area, otherwise you would not gain skill. If you went to an area above your skill level, you would get "Your fish got away!" every time. Fishing appeared to work OK for me through 150. After that it has appeared bugged. One minute I pull a fish out every time and then I keep getting "Your fish got away!" for several minutes. It seems like it is currently set so if your skill is high enough to fish in a zone it will let you, but then it is a pure toss-up as to what happens.

    I am at 242 now. Fishing in Arathi yielded no more skill gain after twenty or twenty-fix catches in a row, so I went to Feralas. Caught about twenty more and gained two or three points, now all I can get is "Your fish got away!" as though I am too low to be there. This is not correct. Once in a while is normal, but not for ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes straight. I have tried many other places as well. What it boils down to is I either get fish every time and never skill, or it is a fish once in a blue moon and failure 99% of the time, which is the opposite of what it should be.

    This needs to be looked into because it has completely halted progress for myself and a few who play with me during testing or when we just want to relax.


    Here is a guide for vanilla WoW, posted in 2006! This should be all the info we need to correct this issue. The author claims I should be in Revantusk now, but fishing there fails 90% of the time or more. In other words, the zone fishing levels do not appear to mesh with what should be in vanilla.

    [url=http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/wow-guides-templates/69481-full-fishing-guide-1-300-a.html]Fishing Guide 1-300[/url]


    I went to Revantusk since my skill is actually 231 (not 241 as stated above) plus 25 with Nat Pagle's rod, placing me at 256. Here are my results fishing at a pond up above Revantusk.

    Caught 3
    Missed 4
    Caught 1
    Missed 1
    Caught 5
    Missed 4

    Totals: 9 caught / 9 missed

    For all of my efforts I gained a single skill-point. Something is definitely off here. This is a 225~250 area and my skill is 257 at this point and I have a 50% miss rate.

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    Indeed, and it gives us a great idea of what zones are what level. Now we just need to make it click on our end. I am working on resting right now (looks to be WAY too complex and can be heavily simplified) and may tackle this after.

    I set my fishing from 231 to 245. Counting my pole, that is 270 attemptign to fish in a 250 max area.

    Caught 3
    Missed 1
    Caught 1
    Missed 1
    Caught 3
    Missed 1

    Total: 7 caught / 3 missed

    Still too high. Oh, and I am not skilling up either.

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