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  • Shadowfang Keep - Stuck in combat

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      Version: 22.1

    5 man run in Shadowfang - and most of the party were permanently stuck in combat.

    Healing a char who was stuck in combat caused the healer to be also stuck in combat, so drinking / regainign mana is near impossible.

    The issue *might* be related to the "Haunted" debuff, as this never caused any of the mobs to visibly spawn, possible these did spawn and were the cause the combat flag..... thats a guess

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    Attempted fix by removing the spell "Hauted Spirits" from "Haunted Servitors" in SFK.

    -- Haunted Servitude Spell in SFK
    -- Who casts it?
    SELECT * FROM wowzerov1world.creature_template_spells WHERE spell1 = 7057 OR spell2 = 7057 OR spell3 = 7057 OR spell4 = 7057;
    SELECT * FROM wowzerov1world.creature_template WHERE entry = 3875;
    -- Removal script
    -- UPDATE wowzerov1world.creature_template_spells SET spell1 = 0 WHERE entry = 3875;
    -- Reinstatment script
    -- UPDATE wowzerov1world.creature_template_spells SET spell1 = 7057 WHERE entry = 3875;

    However, the debuff was still applied???? Even after a server restart.

    Once the group made it past the courtyard / kitchens section and there were no more "Haunted Servitors", a zone out and back into the instance cleared the combat flag and the issue didn't reappear.

    From this it would seem that the issue is with:



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    I suppose the spell is due to a mechanic ("periodic haunting") not yet implemented.

    The creature_template_spells table is just a pitfall to keep unexperienced devs occupied :) It is consulted only for pets and few other (scripted) mobs, which leaves us with 90-95% of the records being never used.

    The cast can be done with either type script. The general procedure follows. Look in the creature_ai_scripts with action=11 (cast) and param1=7057. Then, in the DB scripts with command=15 (cast) and datalong=7057. Then, in every cpp file under SD3 directory.

    However, in our case we see AIName='EventAI' in the creature template, so we are sure where to look, and stop actually after the first search.

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    Thanks Olion, I'll have a look at the other tables and take a stab at removing it from there, until its implimented.

    Also thanks for detail the correct steps to identify the cause - I was wondering why so many rows in the DB had 'EventAI' in there

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