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[eluna] grumbo'z mall warz


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Grumbo`z Mall Warz
ever wanted to have a custom's mall that the Ally and Horde had to fight over for control ? well..... look no farther , now you can.
you can set up this script to apply to a certain map/zone/area and it will spawn a neutral flag that will give control of the location to a team that manages to get to the flag and tag it. when the flag re-spawns it will represent the controlling team . while the flag is spawned the apposing team can try and reach the flag to tag it. once the flag has been captured it will de-spawn . a completely random timer is generated to re-spawn the flag , this timer is an adjustable feature in the script.
with vendor npc's faction set to (35), the vendors will faction change based on the controlling team's faction.
For Eluna.
1 lua script.
1 sql file for objects and npc template.

demo video :



this is one of my older scripts for Eluna.

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