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  1. a simple Global world chat script that uses channel /1 rather than #chat to send world chat messages. in chat just switch channels "/1" and chat away. Adjustable spam timer. Adjustable color variables. Adjustable channel name and id. >> Grumbo'z World Chat <<
  2. Grumbo'z Hyper-Dynamic Pan-Dimensional Quantum Teleporter Now available - A teleporter script that can be used for any Mangos build. No longer do you need to spend hours searching forums for a tele script for a your specific build. No longer do you need to edit throughout the script removing bad locations and adding new entries for use on a different server build. Just add any new Menu/Entry to the table and go slap it on all of your builds. the table has entries that allow parsing
  3. erm rem'd - Turned into a remark line rather than a line of code using `//` in cpp or `--` in lua or `rem` in old old old languages lol no biggie i do know how to make a custom method for Eluna in the core. just wondering if i can just un-remark them so they work for TC or just make it for them.
  4. Updated the System and fix WorldDBQuery to AuthDBQuery and dropped the prefix `auth` in the query.
  5. k updated the VIP System. tweeked the engine and added a line to each script: if not(ACCT[Paccid]) then Player_Vip_Table(0, player) end; try it out . I did NOT test everything , just used the buff script as a base to test with.
  6. is it just rem'd out our completely removed? core is TrinityCore.
  7. while on the subject of my VIP System. someone brought up an issue with the Guild gold perk not working . So i checked for changes in the API and noticed the DepositBankMoney(player, amount) method is nol longer there. Did it get removed?
  8. You rang..? lol I'm thinking making a function for RegisterServerEvent 16 on_startup that would get all players and send a call to global function Player_Vip_Table(event, player) for each player in_game. also would need to reload the table with the settings from it too. yea i think it would work.. could just wrap the system loading of settings "ACCT["SERVER"] into a global function that loads during startup as usual but refires on ServerEvent 16 then add a catch 22 line for each script to check if "ACCT[player:GetAcctID()]" exist or ifnot then call Player_Vip_Table() and build the pl
  9. tbh would not be to hard to script.. upon death , spawn the empty chest then loop through the victim's complete equipped/unequipped items , delete each one from the victim's inventory then add the same item(new GUID ofc) to the chest's loot table , attach a timer to the chest and despawn or remove the chest after the timer expires.
  10. although i am from the old days of programming before scripting etiquette , I do want to bring up the point to also work on your art of `code block indentation`. local function RemoveItemsOnDeath (_, killer, killed) local bag = 255; for slot = 0, 18; local item = killed:GetItemByPos( bag, slot ); if item then killed:RemoveItem(item, 1); end end end RegisterPlayerEvent(6, RemoveItemsOnDeath) also you can use `_` to replace a variable name in your function declaration since it's a value not being used in the function so this will send it straight to the garbage
  11. Take a look at this sub-script from my VIP System. it rewards a random item from the victims equipped gear to the victor. https://github.com/BlackWolfsDen/Eluna-Grumboz_VIP_System-Complete/blob/master/VIP_pvp_item_reward.lua
  12. I'm not a guru ... yet @Foereaper, @Rochet2, @Faded and @QQRofl taught me all i know
  13. ok i made you an example using a simple 2D table to store the buff id's. local command = "buff"; -- here we define "command" as local variable with a string value of "buff". I defined it as a `local` outside any functions so it is localized to this Lua file only. local buff = {}; -- here i define the variable `buff` as an empty table (Without data).again i have defined it as a local outside any functions so it is localized to this Lua file only. buff = {48074,35912,38734,65075,65077,43223,15366,36880,36880,16609,48073,48469,26035}; -- Here I will now store data in the table named `
  14. nice job newbie now lets see you learn how to take it from another newbie buff script and make it an advanced dynamic buff script. oooh like make it so it will buff each class with a group of different buffs or every 10 levels a player gains access to more buff id's... Arrays/Tables are frak'n sooo easy in Lua once you understand how to store data and access the stored data when needed. 3d tables will be just an everyday thing check out my buff command in my VIP System. its setup to issue players buff's depending on VIP level, guild member or if they have an item in i
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