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Mangos zero client help



Hi, can anyone provide me a link  from where can I download client mangoszero ? I couldn't find it. i have one client 1.12, but i get an error about maps version so i think i need an earlier version. Or if i'm doing something wrong please help with an advice.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards

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If your WoW install is version 1.12, you should not get an error. If you do have an error, that means the WoW 1.12 version/client you have is not complete. What I mean by this, is that where you downloaded it from may have changed some of the files.

I would suggest you try this link for World of Warcraft Torrents and try downloading the 1.12 client. If you downloaded 1.12 from there, we will need more information. Usually an incomplete 1.12 client is what causes the incomplete maps error, though.



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