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  1. Gist of problem: Hunter Survival talent 'Entrapment' procs off ANY source of damage over time, and does not trigger from Frost Trap as it should. Found/tested on: Covenant WoW - Using World DB: Version: 21, Structure: 14, Content: 67 Entrapment 5/5: Gives your Immolation Trap, Frost Trap, and Explosive Trap a 25% chance to entrap the target, preventing them from moving for 5 sec. What does work: Immolation Trap and Explosive Trap both trigger the talent correctly, allowing multiple entrapments per damage over time effect. Entrapment is not affected by diminishing returns on Zero
  2. Indeed you are correct. I was unable to reproduce this bug or anything like it in M1 or M2.
  3. This bug also exists when looting chests of all kinds (chests, crates, etc.) You can be grouped or solo to reproduce this. Start looting a chest and let the loot window open Take any 1 item Close the loot window, jump, or move (just close the window) When you attempt to recover the items, you will get the "Already looted" error The item you are trying to loot may display a different icon when you close and re-open the chest I did not test all loot slots as in a situation where there are 2-3 pages of loot, but it appears to be any item you take will work. The l
  4. Hi there Stefan! I can explain Dodge Cap and what it means and does. Dodge Cap is the maximum amount of the Dodge % a class can have. I see you are using Mangos One, so allow me to explain a bit more. During TBC, Rogues could actually be Dodge Tanks. This is because the Dodge Cap is actually extremely high. It is impossible to hit the actual limit for Dodge as a Rogue, and probably a Druid also. A Rogue needed 102.4% total Avoidance (the combination of Dodge+Parry+enemy miss chance). What you are seeing is not a bug, but a very annoying Rogue. Here is more information: http://wowwiki.wiki
  5. @antz was this written only for Windows or does it support Linux also?
  6. I am going to try to keep this relatively short because this could easily be written into a book if everything was covered. I wanted to talk about some things that are going on in the community as a whole, that some of us here might not know about or understand. WoW emulation has always been a slow and chaotic thing to be a part of, with changes rolled out over periods of years and projects splitting after years of being a single project. When a project splits, it usually does so violently and quickly. I am going to talk very briefly about some subjects & styles of thinking within the comm
  7. @Talendrys I could possibly do that, but would want to stay connected via Skype to the dev circle so I can get an idea of where our side of things stands compared with the rest of the community. @bdebaere There are a lot of people that are aiming to patch things up in different areas, so luckily the community is coming around (a little bit ). Unfortunately, money is still very much a goal in the community, but from a development standpoint if you are running a server 24/7, bug fixing, updating and so on, I don't think there are any people that would want to do it or could do it without some r
  8. That is precisely why I wanted to invite you all! We have a good group of people here and I didn't want our side of the community to miss out on the conversations and information going on at LegacyRealms. Topics range from private servers, emulation, the community, development, open source, etc. With people from the individual servers being run, open source developers, and fans all meeting there, I think it provides not only a good place to talk, but to see what the overall thoughts of the community are, and what people are hoping to see. I hope to see you all there soon!
  9. That sounds great! I can complete the translation very easily, but I am so terrible at using Github that I haven't been sure how to go about adding the changes. Then I became very busy and have had to forget about the emu scene while I focused on the dreaded "real life". Phew!
  10. Sorry for the late late update: I am working on the translation but I must admit, I am TERRIBLE at using Github.
  11. It has been a while since I have been here due to real life once again getting very busy, but I wanted to pop back in and make a small proposition to everybody in the Mangos community, and especially to those in the following categories: Community Manager Senior getMaNGOS Developer getMaNGOS Eluna Developer getMaNGOS Developer getMaNGOS Staff Especially to @antz @madmax @Necrovoice @Rochet2 @Talendrys @H0zen @Tuker @bdebaere (in no real order ) as I feel you all have not only the experience but the passion to provide valuable insights in a shared space. There
  12. While I am in agreement that the pathfinding needs a rework, I am not in agreement that we should just "port" Elysium code. For those reading that don't know, Elysium has modified a good many things that are not Blizzlike. I use the term Blizzlike here to mean 'as Blizzard had things working on their servers'. Now, Elysium had modified instances to not be solo farmable by some classes (hunter, druid, etc.) and had also removed loot from many chests in low level zones to keep people from exploiting them, and making safe spotting impossible in some BGs and cities, among many many many other twea
  13. No private server or server core is going to be 100% working. You can assume that there is a lot more information available in regards to Cataclysm though, so things such as values and locations are very easy to fix. However, the complexity of scripting was also raised, and that is something that is not always easy to fix or copy.
  14. Awesome. Have a busted computer and not exactly stationary at the moment so I am kind of useless currently.
  15. Is this still a problem? I have been doing some research on it but had some real life stuff cause trouble.
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