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  1. I didn't know that you are compiling on Linux so I am not familiar with compiling on Linux, I'm sorry...I don't have Linux
  2. No problem, if you have some problems we will chat as soon as you are here or we may talk See you soon
  3. Go to Dekstop>Right Click>Git bash: There is an example: git clone https://github.com/mangosone/server.git Mangos --recursive --depth=1 1. Install CMake: https://cmake.org/download/ 2. Install OpenSSL 3. Install Visual Studio 2015 with Updates 4. Install Mysql server >= 5.5 version 5. Make a folder on the Desktop for example "Mangos_Files_Recompile" 6. Open CMake - Where's source code? Link it through "Browser and navigate to the core" - Where to build? Link it trough "Browser and navigate to the core" 7. Click configure>Visual Studio 14025 8. The
  4. Well, isn't there an existing better Killstreak System?
  5. Hi there. local function PvPAnnouncer(event, killer, killed) SendAreaTriggerMessage("[PVP] |Hplayer:"..killer:GetName().."|h["..killer:GetName().."]|h killed |Hplayer:"..killed:GetName().."|h["..killed:GetName().."]|h") end RegisterPlayerEvent(6, PvPAnnouncer) SendWorldMessage is sending the messages into the chat box. I tried with AreaTriggerMessage but it doesn't work since it has to be player:SendAreaTriggerMessage but it's not helpful... if it works it will send a message to the players, not to the people. I need a little help to make the script to show the messages in
  6. Hi there. Could you tell me how can I make a few spells "Stackable"?I checked DBC, I found the Entry of spell and there is a column StackAmount in Spell.DBC, it is 0.What it should be to make it stackable 0 or >0. Thanks. Regards, Deep Sky.
  7. I get it, I made a thread for them both, I guess this thread has to be closed T/C
  8. Hi there. I'd like to know how can I fix something, it's about character's and creature's level. They are stuck at level 70, it doesn't work from mangosd.conf ( about the level ) and when I change the min_creature_level and max_creature_level are more than 70 it just doesn't work. I have to edit some H or CPP files as I know. As for the level, it's coming from DBCenums.h and I've already done it so it works. But the creature are still stuck and so I need to change other files, right? There's another problem besides this one, when I changed the player's level from 70 to 100 for example,
  9. I've already commented in the other thread, thank you again.
  10. Thank you, @slp13at420, I've already done something and it's working at the moment, I've been away for a while and I'm back, thank you again.
  11. It's OK, I'm going to try, I would put a message again in a few days in case that I don't fix it, thanks.
  12. First, I'd like to remind that I haven't contact with the author and it's a script which is made by Grumbo/BlackWolfsDen. I took it from his github repositories and I was searching through the code and I didn't find a solution. Could you tell me how can I fix it, of course, if there's a way, thank you.
  13. Hi there. I'm using Grumbo's VIP Complete system. Could you help me with the world channel, please? When I reload the script with .reload eluna and an error is coming.. - ...na-Grumboz_VIP_System-Complete-master/VIP_world_chat.lua:47: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
  14. It's morph Lvl: 70 Tauren Male: Druid Items: Custom made my be, but I guess that there is no sense about items because it should work with all
  15. Hello guys, sorry If I posted this thread with wrong Type and Category. Well, I guess that with the druid I am around 63 000 health when I transform from human to Bear or from Bear to human my health is gone. Here are some pics: - http://imgur.com/a/OaDbU
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