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Elixir of water walking - warriors are unable to use. " invalid target "


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The spell fails at Spell::CheckCast() this way:

    if (expectedTarget->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER)
       Player const* player = static_cast<Player const*>(expectedTarget);
       // Player is not allowed to cast water walk on shapeshifted/mounted player 
       if (player->GetShapeshiftForm() != FORM_NONE || player->IsMounted())
           { return SPELL_FAILED_BAD_TARGETS; }

since warrior stances are considered as shapeshifts (FORM_BATTLESTANCE etc.) The fix depends on the desired behaviour:

  • may the spell be cast on a warrior in a stance? is it possible to drop the stance at all?
  • must the aura be dropped if warrior switches from no-stance to a stance?
  • the same questions on the druid, priest (shadowform), and rogue (stealth)

The simplest way to fix it specifiacally for the warrior is to augment the shapeshift check by class check.

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Hey, Olion.

Sorry for the beyond late reply! I forgot I even asked this question. 

You are far wiser than myself, I am a beginner and currently have zero idea of how to do what you recommended. Sorry for sounding dumb but how would I go about augmenting the shapeshift check by class check?


Many many thanks!



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