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No tools create



hello i have 3 linux server debian 7,8 and 1 ubuntu and all make not a tool folder cmake file in


lol.. i can not extract vmaps maps dbc etc. build when no tool folder making.

can here any upload that tool folder for all zero three one? thanks .. big bug that

pls help


sorry for my english not my language


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I've just tried a clean build on Ubuntu 14.04 with all the defaults. By default, the build type is Release and the extractors are built and installed to the INSTALL_DIR under bin/tools/. Your issue means that the build process was either modifed or failed. It would be easy for any dev to share few binary files, but your failed build may cause a lot of other issues which subsequently will become ours :)

So, I would advise you to create the binaries by youself. Just a few hints:

  • check if the repository contains the Extractor_projects submodule as src/tools/Extractor_projects
  • check if build type is Release. The extractors built in Debug mode, especially movemap-generator, will run for ages. The best strategy is not to build them in Debug, though I'm unsure how the build system handles it now
  • use ccmake (actions Configure - Generate) for cmake, in order to have more convenient control over build setup
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Thanks for Information have now clean install debian 7 on new vserver and now going that.

lucky^^ can not new maschine when i have 200gb website data lol.. have now that tool here uploaded.

you need ACE http://download.dre.vanderbilt.edu/

for this tool in One Session create that. when session out than compile ace new

thank you very much and very nice website and tools here.


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