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Feedback needed - new automated builds by appveyor


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Just wanted to draw everyone's attention to the new automated releases taking place over on github.

I have spent the last few days working on our Appveyor setup.

Changes I've implemented:

  • Implement x64 build project
  • Setup Appveyor caching on x86 platform to cache MySQL 5.7
  • Output build files to dedicated folder server_build

On successful builds Appveyor will do the following now:

  • Upload both x86 and x64 windows builds to github and auto release
  • Upload a copy of the source code used with each release

We are uploading the source code instead of relying on github because we also want the cloned submodules. All released builds include a copy of the database alongside the server in the archive.

You can find the built files here:

If you use one of these builds please let us know over the next few weeks or months if you have any issues or if they are working fine for you :)

You can also make a github account and watch the server repository to get a notification when a new release is out.

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