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Guards don't react to emote.


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I have started tinkering with the Eluna Engine, and I am really lovin this.. Reloading scripts on the fly, outstanding.

Interesting thought, one could replace a LOT of the in game commands with Lua scripts, which would also allow for even greater customization.


Anyhow, I noticed the Iron Forge Guards don't wave, so, I thought I would give Eluna a shot at fixing the issue.


local ENTRY_ID = 5595; -- 14365;
local EMOTE_WAVE = 3;

function GuardHandleEmote(event, creature, player, emoteid)
        player:SendBroadcastMessage("The Guard acknowledges.");
        creature:Emote( EMOTE_WAVE ); 
        creature:Say("Hello there!");

RegisterCreatureEvent( ENTRY_ID, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_RECEIVE_EMOTE, GuardHandleEmote, 0 );


Honestly, this is a simple first attempt, and really any emote should trigger the Guard to wave.

Also, the "Send..." is there for debugging.

The results, I get nothing.

Can anyone please explain what I'm doing wrong or why this isn't working like I would expect?

Also, does it matter if you have the Guard selected, and then /wave, or will all Guards with the script react to it?



thank you.





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