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spawn from ELUNA not saved


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if possible to save spawn to DB then what i do wrong?

local cr = p:SpawnCreature( 6491, p:GetX(), p:GetY(), p:GetZ(), p:GetO(), 8);      -- 5 i;ve tried different SummonType

local sp = PerformIngameSpawn( 1,6491, p:GetMapId(), p:GetInstanceId(), p:GetX(), p:GetY(), p:GetZ(), p:GetO() )

local go = p:SummonGameObject( 187653, p:GetX()+5, p:GetY(), p:GetZ(), p:GetO() )

but spawn dissapear after server restart. creatures spawned by GM command save properly and exist after srv restart.

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thanks its workig but then what doing SaveToDB(); ?


how to despawn? i try

        local objs = p:GetGameObjectsInRange( 30 )
        if (objs ~= nil) then
            for i,val in ipairs(objs) do

object in val but :Despawn() doesn't remove it. i guess i can delete it from DB world.gameobject but maybe it's possible by ELUNA?

Despawn() working if was spawned by SpawnCreature()

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