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  1. Since there's currently no tutorial in full for compiling and setting up a MaNGOS server on Windows, I'm brushing off the old dev21 build guide and updating it to be relatively current. If something needs to be changed, let me know and I'll do so. 1. INSTALLING DEPENDENCIES NOTE : Always use 64-bit version of dependencies where possible. There is no reason to compile and run the server in 32-bit mode unless you are restricted by OS or hardware. Install MySQL Community Server : MySQL :: Download MySQL Installer Install GitExtensions : Download Git Extensions from Sourc
  2. Save it to a Lua file, put it in your scripts folder, change local NpcId = 123 to whatever entry ID you want to use for your npc
  3. You can do this through a gossip script local NpcId = 123 -- Entry ID of your gossip creature local MenuId = 123 -- Unique ID to recognice player gossip menu among others local function OnGossipHello(event, player, object) player:GossipClearMenu() player:GossipMenuAddItem(0, "Level me to 70", 1, 1) player:GossipMenuAddItem(0, "Nevermind", 1, 0) player:GossipSendMenu(1, object, MenuId) end local function OnGossipSelect(event, player, object, sender, intid, code, menuid) if (intid == 1) then player:SetLevel(70) end player:GossipComplete() end Regis
  4. http://www.elunaengine.com/Global/PerformIngameSpawn.html PerformIngameSpawn has an optional variable after orientation you can use to save the creature to the database :)
  5. Xardion, I primarily do windows development, and I have that working properly, would you be interested in helping me out with the Linux side of things? Primarily testing, as I don't have a Linux test environment set up atm
  6. This might be a bit late, but I am currently working on implementing LuaSocket and LuaSec as officially supported modules for Eluna
  7. Like the error says, you are trying to compare a string to a number, change either of your variables to the desired type.
  8. Yes, what you did below would also work, the original example however stores the data specifically to a Lua table so the information can be used/re-used at a later time without having to query the database again. Instead of printing "datee" directly like you tried to, you would use the table DatabaseCache with the account ID as a key to call the specific information, like shown below: local DatabaseCache = {} local function LoadDatabase(event, player) local ExampleQuery = CharDBQuery("SELECT active, date FROM premium WHERE AccountId = "..player:GetAccountId()); if(ExampleQuery)th
  9. You need to update your query to select all the necessary information that you need, you're currently only selecting date, not everything else you need as well local DatabaseCache = {} local function LoadDatabase(event, player) local ExampleQuery = CharDBQuery("SELECT active, date FROM premium WHERE AccountId = "..player:GetAccountId()); if(ExampleQuery)then repeat DatabaseCache[player:GetAccountId()] = { active = ExampleQuery:GetUInt32(0), datee = ExampleQuery:GetUInt32(1) }; until not ExampleQuery:NextRow() en
  10. Grumbo's VIP chat script isn't stand-alone, check the original repo for more information: https://github.com/BlackWolfsDen/Eluna-Grumboz_VIP_System-Complete
  11. As a side note, this will prevent EVERY error box from showing for any other program as well, as well for debug builds. Use at your own risk
  12. Glad to hear you got it working, and yeah, the service part is a bit iffy, I never actually bothered to try setting it up properly hehe.
  13. Yes, depending on your current database version and the expected database version, as seen in the world log during startup. It will tell you the structure you have and what is expected, and you run any updates from the update folder in correct order between those two points.
  14. You either have to connect to the database and execute the update sql files via a client like heidisql or sqlyog, or through the MySQL command line tool. Either works, though I prefer to use a client.
  15. It should be called world-server.log, log directory can be set in the configs
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