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  2. At a certain time, usually 03:45 in the night my mangosone server is crashing, always. It's been like this since day one. World thread hangs, kicking out server is the message. I don't know why it happens but every 12 or 24h the server is crashing and i don't think it has anything to do with my core, i've tried with a fresh compile also.
  3. pet_aura table in characters was corrupted for some reason. It's been working fine since i fixed it.
  4. Lately my mangosone core hasn't been feeling well. I started it up in the debugger and got the following message. Any help on the subject would be nice. UPDATE: I'm blind and didn't see that a database table was corruped. I think it's fixed now.
  5. Tal, It should display as <GM> in the chat instead of <DND> and that's the bug. In mangoszero for example it works but not in mangosone.
  6. Yeah, should have mention that hehe. At least i tagged the thread as "nondebugstuff"
  7. With this method your server will always restart and there will be no "Has stopped working" issues. I've been on the lookout for this for a couple of weeks and now that i found out myself i thought, why not share it. Get a restarter, google or make your own in a .bat file. I am using this one: Click here 1. Open regedit.exe (you can type it in the Start Menu or run it through Task Manager) 2. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 3. In it, expand SOFTWARE 4. In it, expand Microsoft 5. In it, expand Windows 6. In it, Click on Windows Error Reporting (you should have reached HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting) 7. Right-click on Windows Error Reporting, go to New and select DWORD (32-bit) Value 8. Give it the name DontShowUI (exactly as written here) 9. Open it (double-click) and in the field “Value data” type in the number 1 You’re now done in the regedit. No more “Has stopped working” dialogs will appear. And i quote Foereaper: "As a side note, this will prevent EVERY error box from showing for any other program as well, as well for debug builds. Use at your own risk", if you decide to turn them back on, just change the value of DontShowUI to the number 0, or just delete DontShowUI Now open up your mangosd.conf file in your server folder and look up MaxCoreStuckTime, the current value is 0. Change it to anything above...10 i would say. Restart your server so the changes takes place and then you're done. Also i am using Windows Server 2008, it should work on Windows 7 or higher too. I am not sure.
  8. Combustion abusing - As you know, when you use combustion you gain 10% crit with fire spells and adds up until you sucessfully landed 3 crits. However, if you take this talent and stack it up (Usually to 50-70% crit) and then you respec! You will still have the combustion buff on you, even tho you don't have a talent point in it. And the abusive part is that it does not dissepear when you crit. So you will have 60% increased fire crit chance untill you die. Meaning, as a geared mage you will have around 85% crit constantly with your fire spells.
  9. Naxxramas - Is working (Haven't tested enough, Thaddius is not working) AQ20 / QA40 - Is working (Not c'thun, for me) Zul'Gurub - The content i have tested is working, needs more indepth testing though. BWL / Molten Core - BWL is working alright. Molten core required some work for me. Majordomo executus was not working and if he's not working then Ragnaros will not be spawned. Easy to fix. This is just my personal experience, some of the errors might be wrong.
  10. The title says it all, devastate, last talent as prot warrior doesn't apply sunder armor.
  11. I found this https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/3953 Seems to be about the same thing, kinda. No idea.
  12. Zero and One. I've been on the lookout for like 1 month for restarter. Right know the program just hangs up.
  13. Is there any way to have mangosd.exe restarting automatic? I am running a mangos restarter and i have turned off windows error reporting but when a crash occurs the exe file just hangs up and does not shutdown. Any help is appreciated.
  14. I have no idea how i can see this "debug stacktrace". If you explain to me what i can do to help, i'll do it. The crashes are still going.
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