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Chance to learn a game engine on the cheap


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I'm not sure if this is actually allowed to be posted here, but seeing as the opportunity is gonna end in a few days, I thought I'd throw it out to the community. 

I've been working through a couple of courses run by Gamedev.tv - Unreal Engine 4 and Blender. I have found their teaching style to be absolutely excellent. I highly recommend anyone checking them out.

They are looking to create a course on game development with the Godot engine (open source). This game engine is completely royalty free, unlike other engine, such as UE4 and Unity.  

There is a Kickstarter currently active for the course, with under 3 days to go. With a minimum pledge of £10 you can get access to the course once published. I wouldn't normally bother promoting things, but they are damn good.

Even if not interested in that engine,  check out the Gamedev.tv site forums. Lots of active, friendly and helpful people there. People of very varying levels of skill, including noobs like me :)

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