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  1. I'm not sure if this is actually allowed to be posted here, but seeing as the opportunity is gonna end in a few days, I thought I'd throw it out to the community. I've been working through a couple of courses run by Gamedev.tv - Unreal Engine 4 and Blender. I have found their teaching style to be absolutely excellent. I highly recommend anyone checking them out. They are looking to create a course on game development with the Godot engine (open source). This game engine is completely royalty free, unlike other engine, such as UE4 and Unity. There is a Kickstarter currently ac
  2. The player's character does not face forward when sitting in a chair.
  3. If you try to open any chest game object, you get a message that "you do not have a pet" I have tried this a many game objects with type (see gameobject_templet) set to chest.
  4. This was being caused by an incorrect cast in the core: https://github.com/mangosthree/server/pull/120
  5. This was being caused by an incorrect cast in the core: https://github.com/mangosthree/server/pull/120
  6. Looking like an issue in the core. If you log off, then on again, the exclamation mark turns into a grey question mark, which is what it is supposed to be.
  7. Fixed: https://github.com/mangosthree/database/pull/68 image located after extracting the blp files and using a blp viewer for explorer: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info16700-BLPView.html
  8. SpecialFlags is set to 0 in the quest_template table, therefore it should not be repeatable.
  9. It looks like there is an issue with the acquiring of quests system, as I have come across 3 other issues with quests and quest givers. Beating Them Back Extinguishing Hope And question marks appearing above Sergeant Willem's and Milly Olsworth's head, after accepting the Beating Them Back quest from Marshal McBride.
  10. After accepting the Northshire Abbey quest "Extinguishing Hope", the yellow exclamation mark above the quest giver does not change to a question mark.
  11. The Northshire Abbey quest "Beating Them Back", is showing as repeatable. A blue exclamation mark shows above the quest giver, after you accept the quest. 28762 - Beating Them Back
  12. Closing, as not relevant to this quest, although the quest portrait issue has been resolved.
  13. Further searching around, and the only vids showing that portrait were made after WoD was released. Nice find, necrovoice
  14. That's interesting, necrovoice; there's no portrait panel opening up for that guy in that vid, and it looks like that was made not too long after Cataclysm came out. In researching this, I have been on 8 different private servers, and only 2 of them had the portrait popping out. I have actually figured out why the portrait is not showing; it's because the packet that is sent to the client is not correctly made up. I managed to get the portrait panel to show: I need to do further testing to make sure all data is sent correctly, plus do as Rochet said in order to get the imag
  15. It's not reading the portrait name and test from the table; those column names are not included in the SELECT statement. It looks like all column related to the portrait have not been loaded. This is going to throw up a load of other issues, besides the one logged in this thread.
  16. IN BRIEF: the name of the portrait is not being loaded/stored properly in the core IN DETAIL: It looks like the name of the portrait is not being loaded/stored properly within the core. The portrait name for this quest is "Blackrock Battle Worg", which is correct in the quest_template table. I confirmed that by running a packet sniffer on a private server where this feature, the displaying of a portrait does work. In function: void PlayerMenu::SendQuestGiverQuestDetails(Quest const* pQuest, ObjectGuid guid, bool ActivateAccept) It takes the details that were previously
  17. Sergeant Willem in Northshire Abbey should have a quest to give, but on interacting with him, he just gives a basic greeting. Note: this is before completing any other quest in the area.
  18. The Blackrock Battle Worgs in Northshire do not move about randomly, and I do not think the goblin assasins (around where the Kobolds used to be) do either. All other creatures/NPCs do have random movement.
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