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Equip Items by Slot


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Hi, I've a doubt, I searched in the Eluna Engine API, for functions, where I could make a gossip, and when a naked player choose an option, the entire gear be equipped on him by each slot, but I failed in the use of the functions, how exactly it works?

Can someone show me an example of it? I tried with player:EquipItem(ID, SLOT) but I got this error "EquipItem' on bad self (bad argument : Player expected, got table)"


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Well rochet, I just did a "short" code, because I was afraid of it to not work, btw, It's here what I tried. Should work like this, you farm tokens, and use this NPC, the npc will check the token, remove it, and then equip the item on the player.

I did 2 tries:
1. I just put the player:EquipItem(ID, SLOT), so I thought the player should "receive" the item first, to be equipped, so I put the player:AddItem, but also no results


local UnitEntry = 700056

function Custom_Specialization_Show(unit, player, creature)
    if  player:GetClass() == 1 then -- Warrior
        player:GossipMenuAddItem(3,"|cff00ff00|TInterface\\icons\\ability_warrior_innerrage:30|t|r Use Dreadnaught - SBC Specialization",0,100)
        player:GossipMenuAddItem(3,"|cff00ff00|TInterface\\icons\\ability_rogue_eviscerate:30|t|r Use Gladiator - SBC Specialization",0,101)
        player:GossipMenuAddItem(3,"|cff00ff00|TInterface\\icons\\ability_warrior_defensivestance:30|t|r Use Warbringer - SBC Specialization",0,102)
player:GossipSendMenu(1, creature)

function Custom_Specialization_Apply(event, player, unit, sender, intid, code)
if (intid == 100) then
if (player:HasItem(32569, 1)) then  
    player:RemoveItem(32569, 1)
    player:AddItem(51227, 1)
if (player:HasItem(51227, 1)) then
    Player:EquipItem(51227, 0)

RegisterCreatureGossipEvent(UnitEntry, 1, Custom_Specialization_Show)
RegisterCreatureGossipEvent(UnitEntry, 2, Custom_Specialization_Apply)    


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