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Hello everyone, I am from China boy.
Currently I am running a Mountain King server
I compiled from CMangos on Github and I spent a few days getting help on this site
On the WIN mangosd.exe realmd.exe will appear suspended state do not know how to deal with
If you press the Enter key in the dialog box or enter any command dialog box, it will be revived.
I haven't found a tutorial for creating a website. I hope I have a tutorial.

my English is very poor,I hope you can understand what I said.

Nice to meet you all!

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目前我正在运行Mountain King服务器
关于WIN mangosd.exe,realmd.exe会出现假死状态,不知道如何处理
我还没有找到创建网站的教程。 我希望我有一个教程。


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