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  1. Hi, is your database created properly ?
  2. Talendrys

    Configuring MaNGOS

    HI, no its not. You can use your own user with full access o' mangos schemas.
  3. Talendrys

    Player model loads incorrect

    That's his own python core.
  4. Talendrys

    Correct GUID sending via SMSG_UPDATE_OBJECT

    Actually, not much as it's casted as uint8. Code-wise, I'd say it's 0xF. Why is it like that ? No clue though.
  5. Talendrys

    Need help in packet decryption

    Hi, Sorry but you won't find more detailed info for the time being because it's not documented. If it doesn't work, your code can't be identical. Tal'
  6. Talendrys

    Need help in packet decryption

    Vanilla and burning crusade must be quite similar regarding network.
  7. Talendrys

    Need help in packet decryption

    Hello, Which client is it? If it's vanilla, you can have a look here how to decode. https://github.com/Warkdev/JaNGOSRealm/blob/master/src/main/java/eu/jangos/realm/network/decoder/RealmPacketDecoder.java Crypt attribute is set for the session. And its implementation is https://github.com/Warkdev/JaNGOSRealm/blob/master/src/main/java/eu/jangos/realm/utils/VanillaCrypt.java
  8. Talendrys

    mangos one Mangos without ACE?

    Oh great. Maybe it starts to be outdated now. Feel free to update inner depencies and push a new version.
  9. Hello, is the server's IP reachable from the Internet ? Are the port open on the ISP of the server ? Tal'
  10. Talendrys

    mangos one Mangos without ACE?

    Hello, did you try to use getmangos.sh script available in the source repo?
  11. Talendrys

    Unknown values in sources

    It's unknown.
  12. Talendrys

    SMSG_CHAR_ENUM returns error

    You probably need to compare a mangos trace with this to see where your fault is.
  13. Talendrys

    SMSG_CHAR_ENUM returns error

    Hello, Did you check big_endian & little_endian format ? Some more info there: https://github.com/Warkdev/JaNGOSRealm/blob/master/src/main/java/eu/jangos/realm/network/packet/server/character/SMSG_CHAR_ENUM.java#L178 Tal'
  14. Talendrys

    Need help in packet decryption

    Wonderful, you find issue and root cause at the same time!
  15. Talendrys

    A "small" test.

    Hello, A lot of interesting ideas. However, there are many things to be figured out properly before you even reach there. The client is developed and is expecting a running server in order to not hang. So before modifying the core structure, you will need some running network data. Don't give up but be aware that the road is long.

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