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  1. Talendrys

    MaNGOS in C#?

    Well... You ask for it, you do it
  2. Talendrys

    mangos zero database management tool

    Yes you can
  3. Talendrys


    Hello, Sorry but cmangos isn't supported here. Please use Mangos or visit cmangos' forums. Tal'
  4. Hello, the other, easiest solution is to duplicate the row in the realm table. One with the local IP and the second one with the WAN IP. By doing this and selecting the right realm definition, both people will be able to login to the same realm by selecting the right one. Tal'
  5. Talendrys

    mangos zero Realm Loop on LAN/External

    Hi, do you see any connection attempt on the realm process ? I feel like there's something wrong on the network configuration. Is the realmd process authorized in your Windows firewall ? Tal'
  6. Hello, There are commands to change the actual console when login in through SSH. The prompt used to launch mangos in background is a parallel prompt. For instance, you can use targets to specify the running environment: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/7/html/system_administrators_guide/sect-managing_services_with_systemd-targets A bit of Google can help you on this Tal'
  7. Talendrys

    Ahbot enabling?

    That sounds... even more weird. Tal'
  8. Talendrys

    Ahbot enabling?

    Maybe related to the -c option which gives only mangosd.conf. There should be extra options for ahbot conf file. Tal'
  9. systemctl is the service manager. Is Mysql running ? Are your credentials valid ? Tal'
  10. Start the processes and make sure they are started. Did you create an account ? Tal'
  11. Talendrys

    Bonjour tout le monde

    Salut EtupelaS et bienvenue La majorité du monde parle effectivement en anglais mais tout est traduisible ! Bonne visite Tal'
  12. Talendrys

    mangos zero Can't build on debian 9

    Hello Curatio, No one is working on this AFAIK. At least, no one tu spport OpenSSL 1.1.0. The workaround is, as Olion mentionned, get the sources of OpenSSL1.0.x and compile them against Debian v9. Or find a repository that provides Openssl 1.0.x on Debian 9. Talendrys
  13. Talendrys

    mangos two Complie error on ubuntu

    Yeah that was my answer. However the script getmangos.sh does that for you. So it Is surprising that you did not have it. :-) Tal.
  14. Talendrys

    Reconnecting the community

    That's great initiative. I personally don't have the time to add another channel to my line of sight but I'm interested of the outcome. Maybe you can act as the link between there and us ? Tal'

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