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  1. For now I suspended research on this. I'm launching realmd and mangosd as ordinary deamons, each one on its own Screen instance.
  2. And by the way, aiplayerbot.conf *is* loaded (in service-mode) without specifying it inside the service file, only ahbot.conf is not...
  3. Sounds logical. Yet, I am positive this *did* work, without -c option for ahbot.conf, as a service at least once before. Odd i'ni? I'll try and add the -c opt and feedback here ciao U
  4. I think I found where the issue stays. Didn't solve it yet though. After rebuilding, if I launch mangosd as a normal binary (./mangosd), ahbot.conf is properly read-in and all works If I launch mangosd as a service (as I configured it earlier as per wiki instructions) ahbot.conf is NOT read-in ! Any clue how to fix this? Thanks ciao U
  5. I got the problem again. Yesterday I rebuilt the whole Zero thing to include playerbots. After the rebuild, again I have AHBOT is Disabled. Unable to open configuration file ../etc/ahbot.conf. in the world-server.log file Needless to say, ahbot.conf staid there since before, nothing changed, no permissions changed etc etc There seems to be no other process tampering with it. Where's the catch?? Thanks U
  6. Without me changing anything else, ahbot started working. Meaning, mangosd now "can" read ahbot.conf. I must conclude that, previously, the conf file appeared busy by whatever other process. Anyhow, solved (by itself) now
  7. world-server.log tells me 2017-05-21 18:25:59 Initialize AuctionHouseBot... 2017-05-21 18:25:59 AHBOT is Disabled. Unable to open configuration file ../etc/ahbot.conf. But the conf file is there, and with the right privileges...
  8. yes. In the etc directory now I have an "ahbot.conf" file, where I have AuctionHouseBot.Seller.Enabled = 1 and AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Enabled = 1 Btw, I also left AuctionHouseBot.CharacterName = "" as the comments, above, say # Default "" (No owner) Ciao U
  9. Hello I seem not to be able to kickstart AHbot. I did duplicate the default ahbot.conf.dist file into a valid ahbot.conf, with seller and buyer enabled of course. Then restarted mangosd. Log still says "ahbot not enabled". What am I doing wrong? Thanks for continued help ciao U
  10. How about .modify money to get funds into your char without changing anything server-side ?
  11. After damaging Gyth enough, Rend should hop off his mount, and both the Gyth and Rend should continue the fight separately. This does happen. However Gyth's model is not swapped when Rend unmounts. Visually, you are "still" fighting Gyth with Rend on his back + another Rend apart. When Gyth dies, the died mob's model still is the one including Rend on his back.
  12. During Solakar Flamewreath event in UBRS Rookery room, Rookery Hatchers spawning within the 6 2-mob wave before the boss do NOT hatch eggs as they should.
  13. Inside UBRS Rookery, when eggs are hatched, the corresponding whelp spawns at the current hatching player's position, not on top of his hatched egg
  14. The patrol walking up and down on the stairway to Emberseer, is bugged insofar as it aggroes players inside the previous room while the door is still closed ! When this happens, mobs actually attack players a) casters, casting fireballs through the closed door, b) melees walking through the closed door.
  15. Just inside UBRS door, you enter a first room on two levels. On the lower there are 4 side rooms, on the upper level 3 side rooms. Players are supposed to clear the rooms, which extinguishes the flames inside them and opens the stairway's door to proceed. Mobs distribution inside most of the rooms is wrong. How it should be Each room should contain exactly 4 mobs, of which at least 1 Summoner, and 1 Dreadweaver. Mobs inside each room are linked to eachother: pulling any of them pulls the entire room. Outside the last room, on the top level, there are 2 extra orcs. These are not linked with the 4 others inside the room. How it is now Rooms below, clockwise: 1) 6 mobs of which 2x2 Dreadweavers, spawned one on top of eachother. 2) 4 mobs, 1+1 Dread spawned almost one on top of the other. Bad positioning only, here. 3) 5 mobs, with 1+1 Dread spawned almost on top of eachother. 4) 5 mobs, of which 1+1 Summoner, spawned on top of eachother. Rooms above, counterclockwise 5) 4 mobs, of which 1+1 Summoner on top of eachother. So just bad positioning here. 6) 6 mobs, of which 2x2 Summoners, on top of eachother 7) 5 mobs, of which 1+1 Summoner (on top of eo) and 1+1 Dread (same)

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