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  • UBRS, first room

    • Status: Confirmed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: NPC
      Version: 22.1 Milestone: 24 Priority: New
      Implemented Version: Unset

    Just inside UBRS door, you enter a first room on two levels. On the lower there are 4 side rooms, on the upper level 3 side rooms. Players are supposed to clear the rooms, which extinguishes the flames inside them and opens the stairway's door to proceed.

    Mobs distribution inside most of the rooms is wrong.

    How it should be

    Each room should contain exactly 4 mobs, of which at least 1 Summoner, and 1 Dreadweaver.  Mobs inside each room are linked to eachother: pulling any of them pulls the entire room.

    Outside the last room, on the top level, there are 2 extra orcs. These are not linked with the 4 others inside the room.

    How it is now

    Rooms below, clockwise: 

    1) 6 mobs of which 2x2 Dreadweavers, spawned one on top of eachother. 

    2) 4 mobs, 1+1 Dread  spawned almost one on top of the other. Bad positioning only, here.

    3) 5 mobs, with 1+1 Dread spawned almost on top of eachother.

    4) 5 mobs, of which 1+1 Summoner, spawned on top of eachother. 

    Rooms above, counterclockwise

    5) 4 mobs, of which 1+1 Summoner on top of eachother. So just bad positioning here.

    6) 6 mobs, of which 2x2 Summoners, on top of eachother

    7) 5 mobs, of which 1+1 Summoner (on top of eo) and 1+1 Dread (same)


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