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  1. At least NuTBC states a 24% chance instead of 25%: https://github.com/magey/tbc-warrior/wiki/Attack-table#glance
  2. https://github.com/mangosone/server/pull/104 https://github.com/mangostwo/server/pull/184 https://github.com/mangosthree/server/pull/18 https://github.com/mangosfour/server/pull/3
  3. https://github.com/mangoszero/database/pull/122 https://github.com/mangosone/database/pull/113 https://github.com/mangostwo/database/pull/168
  4. https://github.com/mangoszero/database/pull/122 https://github.com/mangosone/database/pull/113 https://github.com/mangostwo/database/pull/168
  5. The Rethban Ore (Item ID 2798) is part of the Quest Rethban Ore (Quest ID 347). It should be dropped by enemies within the Rethban Caverns, as well as Veins in the specific region. On Zero, the Rethban Ore can be looted from all kind of Veins, since the loot templates aren't correct. The gameobject templates 2054 and 2055 are the only ones which should have Rethban Ore in their loot template. This counts for Zero, One and Two as well. To fix the issue, use the following query to delete Rethban Ore from all loot templates it doesn't belong to. FOR ZERO, ONE AND TWO: DELETE FROM `gameobject_loot_template` WHERE `item` = 2798 AND `entry` NOT IN (2054, 2055); While the gameobjects within the cavern seem to be fine on One and Two, the gameobjects for Zero are mostly a mess. The ones I found are listed down below. ONLY FOR ZERO: UPDATE `gameobject` -- Tin Vein SET `id` = 2054 WHERE `guid` IN (72064, 72065, 72066, 72082, 72083, 72085, 72086, 72087, 72123, 72124, 72125, 72126, 72127); and UPDATE `gameobject` -- Copper Vein SET `id` = 2055 WHERE `guid` IN (72000, 72001, 72002, 72009, 72010, 72011, 72012, 72051, 72052, 72053, 72062); This way the Rethban Ore should only be mined in the Rethban Caverns.
  6. THIS STARTED IN MANGOS ONE, BUT IS ACTUALLY A CROSS CORE ISSUE - IF YOU CAN, PLEASE MOVE THIS TO THE CROSS CORE SECTION. Someone recently sent me a video about an analysis of different issues on private servers regarding the combat calculations, one of those issues was the Glancing Blow. So I checked back on the information given and the code and saw that there is a problem with the combat calculations regarding the Glancing Blow, which seems to be capped to 40% on TBC and WotLK when it shouldn't. <Insert Rambling about people spending hours on creating YouTube videos, but 0 time sending a bug report> So I found the issue on One and Two: One: https://github.com/mangosone/server/blob/v22.01.62/src/game/Object/Unit.cpp#L2878 Two: https://github.com/mangostwo/server/blob/v22.01.77/src/game/Object/Unit.cpp#L3253 Source: https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Glancing_blow There were several discussion in the forums already, which lead to no changes regarding that issue, but with the old sources + NuTBC confirming it we should do so accordingly. I couldn't find reliable sources for anything past the 25% chance, so I went on to create Pull Requests for anything up to Four. Since the 40% was just copy and paste from the previous version, I'd rather go with the 25% starting from TBC.
  7. I have checked the source code as well now and couldn't find the problem. I also checked MaNGOS Two, going back to the source code of 2017 and it all seemed fine. After checking MaNGOS Zero ingame with rel 22.01.25 I can confirm that this is NOT a problem in Zero. I have checked MaNGOS Two ingame with rel 22.01.06 as well and could reproduce the problem at the same spot. In fact, it seems to be a problem with the mobs showing as gray while they should be green. The same bear (Felwood, level 47) is green in Zero, but gray in Two. Player level: 57 Mob level: 48 Gray level: Player level - 1 - Player level / 5 = 45 In Two it seems to be 49 for the same player level. Does anyone know if GetColorCode (https://github.com/mangostwo/server/blob/master/src/game/Object/Formulas.h#L65) is actually used somewhere or if the decision for the mob color is done client-side?
  8. MaNGOS Zero is based on WoW Classic from 2004, not the NuClassic from 2019. Furthermore the bug report was given on MaNGOS Two, which is Wrath of the Lich King, so calculations might have changed. Anyways, NuClassic gives some good clues on bugs or missing content. So I followed that clue and did some research on my own and the last entry on Wowpedia before the release of Burning Crusade states the same as it was in the other bug report: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Mob_experience?oldid=228414 But it wasn't quoted fully. As the Zero Difference states: And: Especially "Mob Level > Gray Level" is what seems to be missing here. This description hasn't changed on Wowpedia up to the day. I second that as a wrong implementation of the experience calculation. When a mob is gray, it shouldn't give any XP to the player. Thanks for being stubborn.
  9. Maybe it's simply just the GM mode activated? Can you describe: What have you tried? (as detailed as possible) What did you expect? What did actually happen instead?
  10. Hallo, könntest du noch ein paar Informationen zur verwendeten MaNGOS Version und deinen bisherigen Schritten schreiben? Von wo hast du es heruntergeladen? Gibt es einen Unterordner "database" in dem Verzeichnis? Dort müsste sich die "InstallDatabases.sh" befinden. Es ist dabei wichtig auf Groß- und Kleinschreibung zu achten.
  11. @LordIcon Das Problem in MaNGOS Zero wurde behoben, in der v22.01.25 sollte alles wieder funktionieren: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/releases/download/v22.01.25/MangoszeroServer_x64_release.zip
  12. Tested on deDE: Works like a charm! Thank you.
  13. Die einzelnen Punkte in der Konfiguration haben alle eine kurze Erklärung. Einfach einmal anschauen, damit man eine ungefähre Vorstellung davon bekommt, was sich über die Konfiguration alles direkt anpassen lässt.
  14. Also wenn dann eher in der Datenbank, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das so einfach geht. Wahrscheinlich würde es gehen den Wert für RequiredLevel in der Tabelle "item_template" in der Datenbank für die Reittiere herunterzusetzen und den Spielern als GM das Reiten über ".learn 33389" und ".learn 33392" zu geben. Das solltest du vorher mal testen, bevor du das mit den Spielern machst. Ich weiß nicht, ob das ausreicht oder ob du auch noch die restlichen Spells, wie Horse / Kodo / Tiger Riding brauchst. Die jeweiligen IDs kannst du dir aber hier anschauen: https://classicdb.com/?search=riding#spells Wenn du noch einen Schritt weitergehen willst, dann lässt sich das vielleicht über einen eigenen NPC und Eluna (Lua-Scripting) lösen, aber da müsstest du dich selbst etwas mit beschäftigen.
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