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OWN Emulator Testing in 1.1.2 | Auth Process Error




Does somebody has any idea why it does not work?

this is a call from 

using (var memory = new MemoryStream())
using (var writer = new PrimitiveWriter(memory))
    var addr = NetworkUtil.GetMatchingLocalIP(Client.IpAddress) ?? (object)"";
    addr = addr + ":" + 7470;
    writer.WriteByte((byte)0x10); //AuthServerOpCode - REALM_LIST
    writer.BaseStream.Position += 2; // Packet length
    writer.Write(0); // Unknown Value (0x0000)
    switch (Client.ClientInformation.Version.Build)
        case 5875:                                          // 1.12.1
        case 6005:                                          // 1.12.2
        case 6141:                                          // 1.12.3
            writer.Write((byte)0x01); //Realm Count
            //Loop durch alle realms
            writer.Write((byte)0x00); //ServerType - Normal -1.1.2
            writer.Write((byte)0x02); //realmflags - offline
            writer.WriteCString("daran"); //realmname
            writer.WriteCString(addr.ToString()); //server adress with port
            writer.WriteFloat(1); //population
            writer.Write((byte)0); //chars count on realm from account
            writer.Write((byte)9); //realmCategory - german
            writer.WriteByte(0x00); // Unknown Value (0x0000) -1.2

            writer.Write((byte)0x00); // Unknown Value- 1.2 
            writer.Write((byte)0x02); // Unknown Value - 1.2

    writer.BaseStream.Position = 1;
    writer.Write((short)writer.BaseStream.Length-3); //packet lenght

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