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hello, cause i havent found a gdb-restartscript here i will post mine, which i got through looking at: http://www.trinitycore.org/forum/f5/16line-autorestarter-gdb-tracer-t3679.html

my resulting script, which is already some days in use and seems to work fine, is:


and the restartscript which is also in use:


and i post the startmangosscript here too, cause i don't know if it will be always on this server



echo "run" > .core.gdb
echo "bt" >> .core.gdb
echo "bt full" >> .core.gdb
echo "thread apply all backtrace full" >> .core.gdb

while true
   date=`date +%Y%m%d_%H.%M.%S`
   #gdb ./server/bin/mangos-worldd -x .core.gdb --batch > $LOG_LOG".log" 2> $LOG_ERR".log"
   gdb ./server/bin/mangos-worldd -x .core.gdb --batch &>$LOG_LOG".log"
   grep -B 40 -A 1800 "Program received signal SIG" $LOG_LOG".log" > $LOG_GDB$date".log"
   mv $LOG_LOG".log" $LOG_LOG$date".log"
   #mv $LOG_ERR".log" $LOG_ERR$date".log"

   rm $LOGDIR"last_"$LOG_LOG0".log"
   ln -s $LOG_LOG$date".log" $LOGDIR"last_"$LOG_LOG0".log"
   #rm $LOGDIR"last_"$LOG_ERR0".log"
   #ln -s $LOG_ERR$date".log" $LOGDIR"last_"$LOG_ERR0".log"
   rm $LOGDIR"last_"$LOG_GDB0".log"
   ln -s $LOG_GDB$date".log" $LOGDIR"last_"$LOG_GDB0".log"
   echo `date`" restarting"
   sleep 11 # let the operating system clean up some stuff, and the tester cool down a bit 

cause i found no way, so that mangos still can write to stdout, and cause i don't need this feature, you have to do

tail -f /path/to/mangoslog

after starting, but then you won't have the console..

if mangos doesn't write to stdout it's also realy much faster (10seconds without stdout and over 60s with stdout)

also i don't take any warranty if this script doesn't work at your computer or if this will destroy something - please read the code first

i only post it here so that other people can get inspiration how this can be done

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I had a note about this somewhere on old forums .. but it got deleted. Only https://getmangos.eu/community/showpost.php?p=52615&postcount=6 remained, but the description how to make backtrace of an attached process isn't there.

Well since it's a looong time ago, I don't remember it correctly, but I had a problem to split the program's stdout and the actual backtrace. So I used a GDB option -tty and redirected mangos's stdin/out to the screen session itself (ie. virtual terminal device) while doing "&> dump.txt" with the gdb that run the worldd.

It worked. But it had a problem - IIRC the trace was messed up with screen's terminating calls (which is strange, I didn't debug screen running worldd, I used binary of worldd directly in GDB) so I didn't investigate further and used the old way instead (= saving a dump to disk + calling gdb on it + deleting the dump).

edit: yes, from what I see in your script, you probably use RA to manage mangos console, in that case, you can redirect stdin/out to /dev/null using the -tty=/dev/null and save only GDB debug trace

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