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BWL Razorgore - Spawned adds not aggroing



When using the Orb of Domination to start the Razorgore fight in BWL, the adds that spawn on the edges of the room do not aggro me or Razorgore. However, they will aggro once orb is dropped and after Razorgore kills me. The adds that spawn at the edge of the room WILL aggro if Razorgore is engaged and tanked in the middle of the room WITHOUT using the Orb of Domination at all. I do not have GM mode on and have created multiple test accounts to have additional players in the fight with me. However, no amount of additional players have no affect for me.

I believe the Orb of Domination bugs the fight once used to MC Razorgore. Would anyone be able to provide insight into this or explain to me how I would go about providing logs to you for a better idea. I have checked the world-database.log, world-eventai.log, and world-characters.log in my mangos installation, but I see nothing pertaining to Razorgore's NPC ID or the Orb of Domination object ID.

I currently have a normal installation of mangos that does not have debug mode enabled.

Any input would be appreciated as my raid team is looking to practice this encounter before it is released on live WoW Classic.


Thank you

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