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Yesterday i finally got my mangosZERO server to work. Thanks to you, and all the very different guides out there!
Since i have no clue, about what i am doing. And lack a basic understanding in compilling, SQL database... Everything really. i have to use a step by step guide, and if anything goes wrong i have to start over. Anyway i finally got i to work.
Now why am i here?

I have had a dream for a long time, a dream that i one day could make vanilla wow into my own single player experience. I didn't want to make it on a repack, i just didn't feel right. So i had to wait until i could compile my own. And thanks to you awsome people, it has finally happend.


About the project:

This is supposed to be a single player only experience, with the end goal of solo raiding. there will be a path to follow Quest, dungeons etc. There will not be any grinding to meet either level or gear requirements. Meaning that when you are done with your first challange you start the next one. 

What is to change?

- Custom items that make a character able to solo raids/dungeons
- A few tweeks to character spell, not much though your power is supposed to come from items.
- Major overhaul to skills, making alchemy, enchanting, engineering etc.. Pretty much needed if you want to survive your first challange.
- tweeks to the instances around Azeroth so that they meet the expectation of a one man army.


What have so far changed.

Not much really since i started a couple of days ago. So far i have gotten a warrior through the first challange (RFC) and now im starting to look into the overhaul of the skills, starting with alchemy (which is easy) and then enchanting (which turns out to be som much harder :) )


I am NOT in any form ready, skill wise to take on this project. But this is my excuse to get into and learn the skill, if i want to finish the project i set out to do.
Meaning if i want to change something in game i have to figure out, from scratch, how to do it.


Thank you for the amazing work on the MangosZERO server. 


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If you want to do dungeons solo, there are a couple of gm spells that work to do this already. (It's why they are in the game, GM testing.)

Uber Heal Over Time - 1908 \\ This spell is like you are constantly being healed and subs in for the best healer you've ever seen. You can still be killed though if you're not careful.

Strength of Ossirian - 25176  \\ This spell triples your damage. So it's like adding 2 dps to the group.

Divine Shield - 40733 \\ Only use this when you'd get some kind of invulnerability that another class of game event would give you.

Between them, you can 1 man most dungeons if you get creative. You don't have many of the tricks of each class, but I found them completely solo-able with a little skill. Just add the spells to your character and uses them in dungeon only. (Or the challenge goes right out of the game.)


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