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  1. Have you opened a port through your firewall for it?
  2. I've uploaded it to my google drive. It's still syncing atm so give it an hour from this post and download it. This is for my working install of [Three] so it should work for you. Data
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Greetings and salutations Madd Eye. Enjoy the community and have at 'er.
  5. I agree, I believe a flag system would be a more realistic way to handle this. Granted, I currently have no idea how to go about this atm but I'm hoping to be up to speed soon.
  6. So, I finally got some free time to mess around with my computers and I decided to play with Mangos again. I used to be a member back in the early days but I've been out of playing WoW for some years now and that made me drift away. (That and life is just too damn busy sometimes.) On that note I'm interested in coming back, especially now that I have some Linux and VM experience under my belt. Cheers all.
  7. It's likely the MangosThree he's installing. Ran into the same conundrum last night following the https://github.com/mangoswiki/Wiki/wiki/WindowsInstallVM guide. The tools folder isn't under the MangosDB repository for Three, it's separate but easy enough to gitbash into it's own folder. The guide does mention the 7) edit CMakeLists.txt in this folder change # add_subdirectory(scripts) to add_subdirectory(scripts) Which if for the linux install is fairly confusing as it's a windows guide. I did find that .bat file for the action with some sniffing around however and it worked fine. I realize I'm new to the party (relatively - I was involved in mangos in it's early stages. I think I was credited with a grand total of TWO fixes to the code. *snort!* But been gone a long time since then.) The scattered and outdated documentation definitely needs an update. Even if it's just a FAQ summary listing which ones are valid and which are completely outdated, with links. Due to your recent resurrection alot of links in the previous posts are dead and just link to the main forum page instead. Github's a bit of a tangle of links as well. Please don't take this the wrong way, it's not meant to be "damn new guy leeching and wanting everything handed to him" and I do respect it's work freely done for the community. I'm just thinking it's possible for a clearer and more concise list of guides and links would encourage more to join the work here in development. *I* enjoy figuring stuff out, but the time spent by new arrivals trying to get things up and running and you helping them could also be spent improving the code itself. Just my 2cp.
  8. Greetings. Not to threadjack but after using the Regeneration.exe to completion, what's the next step to decompress the installation? If I open the WoW.exe, I get about 10min of the launcher.exe running, then a crash saying that the launcher.exe not found. At this point in the process it's partially decompressed the download, expanding it to about 27GB in size. I've tried this 3 times, on clean downloads each time. My computer's a decent beast so it's not a lack of power or space on the drive. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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