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  1. Thanks. Let me know if there's something I can test to help figure it out.
  2. Excellent, at least I can stop trying to debug on my end for that. Any ideas on the flying bug?
  3. I'm having a bizarre bug where flight isn't working (druid flight form, flying mount, or gm fly mode) even with spells learned. However, if I logout after trying to fly (flight form/mounted) and back in, flying works. If I then land and try to fly again, I need to repeat the process. It's very odd. Any ideas? I tried updating to today's build without any improvement. Note: Another bug I figure is unrelated but worth mentioning in case, is that typing the .commands request (for the list) in game causes the server to crash. Very odd. Edit: After some experimenting, it appears that
  4. Alright, after a long hiatus (front line worker and all that) I've had a chance to play with this some more. Sadly, even after 9 (NINE!) re-installations including the above linked client, I still cannot extract the correct maps/vmaps to run the mangosd server. As mentioned, I've had no issues at all with two, and have run it since 2016. Three however is being difficult and since I have a bit of time I thought I'd bash at it. It does not complete the extraction process straight off the install. It always fails after extracting the dbc files. However, manually copying the tools over to the
  5. Good point. It's also why I needed the link above. Still having issues with the server but I've not actually had time to spend debugging it yet. (My Mangos two is running perfectly.)
  6. Client preference to me is less important in this case. It's more about one that works with the extractors to get correct maps, vmaps and mmaps so the server will run!
  7. If you want to do dungeons solo, there are a couple of gm spells that work to do this already. (It's why they are in the game, GM testing.) Uber Heal Over Time - 1908 \\ This spell is like you are constantly being healed and subs in for the best healer you've ever seen. You can still be killed though if you're not careful. Strength of Ossirian - 25176 \\ This spell triples your damage. So it's like adding 2 dps to the group. Divine Shield - 40733 \\ Only use this when you'd get some kind of invulnerability that another class of game event would give you. Between them, you
  8. Any seeders left out there on this? I've been stuck at 58.1% for the last 3 weeks. I'll be happy to seed after, just need it to complete first!
  9. Have you opened a port through your firewall for it?
  10. I've uploaded it to my google drive. It's still syncing atm so give it an hour from this post and download it. This is for my working install of [Three] so it should work for you. Data
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