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How to Access Mangos Classic Server over the Internet



Hey Guys!

Little bit of backstory... I am paying monthly for a dedicated server with decent specs, running Windows Server 2019 Standard, with the hope of hosting a private test server so my guild can work on some of the upcoming AQ Bosses in WoW Classic.

I have already followed this guide, and I have reached the bottom. https://github.com/cmangos/issues/wiki/Detailed-installation-guide-for-Microsoft-Windows 

Both mangosd and realmd are running, seemingly without issues.  But I cannot figure out how to get connected to the WoW server from my home computer. Modifying my home computer's classic realmlist to the public IP Address of the dedicated server does not work.  So I am assuming there are some modifications I need to make inside of MySQL workbench, or maybe elsewhere.  I have tested some modifications, and then immediately removed them, as I do not want to travel too far down the rabbit hole and then have to restart the whole process. I did NOT make modifications to the standard server configuration when I was building it, and I am sure that is what has caused my problem. But looking back through the instructions, I cannot figure out what modifications I would have needed to make.

Might anyone know what steps I need to take to be able to log into the game from a remote computer?  It does not need to be anything fancy, as this is not going to be public in any way, and I am comfortable just using the IP Address if that is an option.  I am somewhat tech savvy, but SQL Servers and coding are not in my realm of expertise.  So I apologize if the answer is obvious!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I can grab screenshots of anything that may be requested!

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The problem is probably linked to your windows server firewall that does not allow incoming traffic to ports 3724 and 8085. 

For your information teh most stable solution is to host your server on a linux machine :) it will cost you less also

You also have to set the ip of your server in the realmlisyt table :)

Last thing : you will not have support here for CMANGOS since it not the same project. COnsider asking the CManos community if it is specific to CMangos emulator.

CMangos is not Mangos :)

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